This is AndyBiersackLover Productions of 2013 Film Anchorman 2:The legend continues


  • Kamijo as Ron Burgundy
  • Masashi as Brick Tamland
  • Teru as Brian Fantana
  • Yuki as Champ Kind
  • Hizaki as Veronica Corningstone
  • Peppa Pig as Linda Jackson
  • Loki Laufeyson as Jack Lime
  • Mickey Mouse as Ed Harken
  • Minnie Mouse as Chani Lastnamé
  • Spike as Kench Allenby
  • Tony Stark as Garth
  • Lisa Simpson,Brat Simpson and Millhouse as Sea World Kids


  • This is The First Film to Be Released By Jersey Red Blazer Productions the same company as AndyBiersack Lover Pictures
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