Angelica Charlotte Pickles
Angelica Charlotte Pickles is the nauseatingly adorable and unbearably beautiful female antagonist from Rugrats and who bullies and bosses her younger costars around and treats them as her slaves. Because she is older than the babies are, she is able to talk to the adult characters on the series (while the babies can only communicate with each other and Angelica) which she uses to take advantage of them. Angelica can best be described as the spoiled, vain, sarcastic, selfish, bratty and antagonistic cousin of Tommy and Dil Pickles. Despite her cuteness and beauty, she is known for her frequently manipulating the babies for her own gain and calls them "dumb babies", and thinks she is smarter than them. When the character Susie Carmichael was introduced, she was soon favored among the babies, causing Angelica to start a rivalry with her. She'll say and do anything to get what she wants, even though it normally just gets her into, most of the time, serious trouble.


Angelica has shoulder-length blonde hair in two pigtails tied with purple bows and wears a reddish-orange long-sleeved blouse with flared cuffs, a purple knee-length sleeveless dress, blue and green polka-dotted tights, orange ankle-high socks, purple and white sneakers, diapers (Season 1 only), frilly panties (Season 2 onwards since she is now potty trained) and a matching camisole.


Angelica Pickles Played Chel In The Road To Go Wild

She Is A Princess Partner

Angelica Pickles Played Cylindria in Rugrats/Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Angelica Pickles Played Emily the Beautiful Engine in Thomas/Rugrats

She is a beautiful engine

Angelica Pickles Played Baby Bop in Alvin & The Chipmunks Home Video (TV Specials)

Angelica Pickles Played Baby Bop in Alvin & The Backyard Gang

Angelica Pickles Played Baby Bop in Alvin & Friends (TV Series)

Angelica Pickles Played Baby Bop in Alvin's Great Adventure

Angelica Pickles Played The Evil Queen in Smurfette White and the Seven Turtles

Angelica Pickles played Markowski in Wreck-It Cartoon Network (I know she is female)

Angelica Pickles played Morgana in The Little Mer-Doofenshmirtz II: Return to the Seven Seas

Angelica Pickles played Tanya Mousekewitz in An American Tail (WeLoveAnimation Style), An American Tail II: Tommy Goes West (WeLoveAnimation Style), An American Tail III: The Treasure of Manhattan Island (WeLoveAnimation Style) and An American Tail IIII: The Mystery Of The Night Monster (WeLoveAnimation Style)

She is a mouse

Angelica Pickles played Darla Sherman in Finding Wubbzy (WeLoveAnimation Style)

Angelica Pickles played Darla Dimple in Cartoons Don’t Dance


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