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Starship Jack Eggo Anemone's Movie Spoof of "Animals United" (2010)


Animals United (MarvelousFizzy799 style) cast video


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Character Bios

  • Papa Bear is an adventurous, clumsy, easily scared but good-hearted and caring grizzly bear who wants to find water to drink - to collect which he carries a bottle made out an orange gourd, complete with cork. He also likes to golf, drum and sing.
  • Blu is an adventurous,
  • Otis - The vegetarian cow with a scar on his face and Papa Bear's best friend. His goal is to vanquish the hunter in revenge for his father Ben.
  • Mama Bear - Papa Bear's wife and loyal but concerned member of the bear family. She has tan fur and light brown eyes.
  • Maid Marian - The fox who becomes romantically involved with Robin Hood.
  • Lady Kluck - The chicken who is Maid Marian's best friend.
  • Charles - The fox with a French accent who leads the other animals.
  • Shining Armor - A horse who has been alive for more than 700 years. He's 12 years older than his wife, Cadence. He dies shortly before the climax of the film.
  • Princess Cadence - A horse and Shining Armor's wife who is also more than 700 years old. She and her husband die shortly before the film's climax.
  • Paula Fox - A fox who has been injured by global warming.
  • Peri - An orange squid/squirrel hybrid. He likes to drink.
  • Entrée - The cow/chicken/pig/shrimp hybrid whom Peri befriends. In addition to his lack of intelligence and clumsiness, Entrée is notorious for his terrible flatulence, but he is also caring, friendly and loyal.
  • Pig - The pig who's been rescued by a man after another set the outback on fire.
  • Ruff Ruffman - A dog that works as a hairdresser for other animals.
  • Kermit - The frog who served as an animal test subject on a cruise ship.
  • Knuckles - An echidna who fights Sonic in a butting match stopped by Mama Bear.
  • Sonic - The hedgehog who fights Knuckles.
  • Brother Bear - The son of Papa and Mama who aspires to do some of the things his father does, such as collecting water in a gourd.
  • Early - An air-breathing squid who wears different hats.
  • Tasmanian Devil - A Tasmanian devil living in the canyon and becomes a vegetarian after fearing Robin Hood for his courageous act.
  • Too-Tall, Skuzz and Smirk - often tease Brother about his father's promise, but are convinced at the end.
  • Robert "Big Bob" Pataki - The tour guide of the hotel who initially cares nothing for animals and is interested only in making money. At the end, when the animals have got their water back, his hotel goes bankrupt.
  • Helga Pataki - Robert's daughter who is kind and loves animals.
  • Newmann - A selfish, cruel and unscrupulous animal-killer. He has earlier killed Otis's father Ben, but is defeated by the animals near the end of the movie.