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Rainbow Dash (Bold Pose)

Matthew Micahs the Cheetah is one of many, animated furry characters living in Furry City, Fandomation, a virtual world where a whole host of animash and original furry characters are used by varying (and seemingly immortal) human and furry creators in their original or parody works (and for a variety of purposes). Despite wrestling with the untimely death of his wife and BFF, Connie “Ciad” Peterson, Matthew enjoys spending time with his good friends (including Rainbow Dash, Kenai, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, Reynold “Bearen” Michaels, Agent Classified, Princess Luna, Prince Kovu and Princess Kiara, Samson “Smartstuff/Calculus” Maxwells, Balto and Jenna, Johnny J. Johnson, Dawn Waterfall, Everest "Polar" Solar, Celestia, Simba) and especially his new fiancé, pop star fox Danielle Daniels, whom he is newly engaged to—beside dreaming about a new life in “the Great Beyond”, the real world of their creators.

As it turns out, however, the “Great Beyond” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. While Matthew and Danielle, as well as fandom character Queen Sombra (the female version of MLP’s King Sombra), miss out on this due to an incident with Dodger, who commits suicide after being selected again by one such creator (causing Sombra to seek revenge on Danielle and Matt), Kovu, Rainbow, Bearen, Jenna, Samson, and the others soon discover this up front when their first new creator reveals herself to be the infamous Scarlet Overkill, believing herself to be a seductive version of Nightmare Moon and using “her” characters in horrifying, suggestive, and otherwise graphic works. Samson, Jenna and Kovu barely manage to escape with their lives thanks to the help of Rainbow Dash and Bearen (whom the three are forced to witness being killed by “Nightmare”); but Jenna and Samson, after being separated from Kovu, soon encounter yet another creator acting as Zootopia character Raymond, who ultimately ends up being killed himself while trying to manipulate the two characters, despite a temporary hallucination in which he gains the ability of communicating with them.

Meanwhile, Matthew soon learns the truth about “the Great Beyond” from Hiccup Haddock, who reveals that they are actually living in a pirated website owned by Wolf O'Donnell, an experienced hacker who enables users to “purchase” the characters for low prices and horrid purposes. Initially, Matt and a few others (including Samson and Jenna, who first reunite with Matt) begin to see their creators as monsters that must be stopped, although Danielle and all the other characters don't believe them; but after Kovu arrives and reveals that a particular creator (yours truly!) had discovered Nightmare’s artworks of Rainbow and Bearen’s deaths, undoing them out of empathy and “restoring” the dynamic duo to life (and a new look), Matthew realizes that not all creators are bad, and that they must stop Wolf’s influence rather than merely the creators’ to ensure that the characters are used for the right reasons. While Queen Sombra (with the hard-earned allegiance of Simba and Kate) works behind the scenes to ensure Matthew and Danielle’s personal demise, Matthew, with the help of Danielle, Kovu, Samson, Rainbow, Bearen, Jenna, and their friends and new allies, rallies the “team” together on behalf of their creators and pure imagination. 

Main Characters (Cast)

Frank — Matthew Micahs [cheetah] 
Brenda — Danielle Daniels [red fox]
Carl — Rainbow Dash (MLP: Friendship is Magic) and Reynold “Bearen/Ponytech” Michaels [polar bear/Pegasus]
Barry — Kovu (The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride), Samson Maxwells [panda/vampire coyote] and Jenna (Balto Trilogy) 
Firewater — Hiccup Haddock (How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy)
Camille Toh — Scarlet Overkill (Minions) and Nightmare Moon (MLP: Friendship is Magic)
Druggie — Raymond (Zootopia)
Honey Mustard — Dodger (Oliver & Company)
Mr. Grits — Alex (Madagascar Trilogy)
Darren — Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox)
Douche — Queen Sombra (MLP Fandom)
Kareem Abdul Lavash — Agent Classified (Penguins of Madagascar)
Sammy Bagel Jr. — Kenai (Brother Bear)
Teresa del Taco — Tempest Shadow (My Little Pony: The Movie)
Sergeant Pepper — Captain Spitfire (MLP: Friendship is Magic)

Secondary Characters 

Ketchup — Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)
Irish Potato — Adult Gideon Grey (Zootopia)
Troy — Steele (Balto) 
Ralph — Humphrey (Alpha and Omega)
Gum — KnowsMore (Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2)
Baba Ganoush — Zira (The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride)
Glamour Buns (other 7) — Tigress (Kung Fu Panda Trilogy), Soarin (MLP: Friendship is Magic), Gazelle (Zootopia), Sapphire Shalom [leopardess], Natasha "Tasha" Michaels [polar bear/Pegasus], Salem Wolfe [Alaskan malamute], Song (Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness), Rain (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron), Balto (Balto Trilogy), Jane Wolfe [gray fox/red wolf], Princess Cadance (MLP: Friendship is Magic)
Fancy Dogs (other 5) — Mitchell Masons [wolf], Garth (Alpha and Omega), Shining Armor (MLP: Friendship is Magic), Joseph Jacobs [winged wolf], Spirit (Stallion of the Cimarron), Jeremy Lawrence [kangaroo], Randolph Waterfall [anthro dolphin/wolf]

Tertiary/Minor (Partial Listing)

Toilet Paper — Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)
Pizza — Geronimo Stilton (Geronimo Stilton)
Twink — Astrid Hofferson (How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy) and Vinyl Scratch (MLP: Friendship is Magic)
Juice Box — Rudy Kangaroo (Horton Hears a Who!)
Noodle Soup — Mr. Ping (Kung Fu Panda Trilogy) 
Tequila — Mayor Lionheart (Zootopia)
Tomato — Ed (The Lion King)
Bread Loaf — Tod (Fox and the Hound)
Cheese — Pandora Woz (Geronimo Stilton)
Lettuce — Kion, Fuli, and Jasiri (The Lion Guard)
Chips — Benjamin Clawhauser (Zootopia)
Chocolate Milk — Sour Kangaroo (Horton Hears a Who!)
Two Grapes — Dusty and Dingo (Balto III: Wings of Change)
Peanut Butter and Jelly — Robin Hood and Maiden Marian (Robin Hood)
Tortilla Chips — Colgate, Bon Bon, Lyra, Doctor Whooves, Starlight Shimmer, and other ponies (MLP: Friendship is Magic) 
Two Baby Carrots — Jasiri and Kijana (The Lion Guard)

Supporting Appearances and Cameos (Partial Listing)

Benjamin Stilton (Geronimo Stilton)
Rita, Oliver, and Georgette (Oliver and Company)
Vixie (Fox and the Hound)
Garth and Kate (Alpha and Omega)
Krystal, Fox, and Hawk (Star Fox)
Jonathan, Kristin, and James Johnson [panda, gazelle, and jaguar]
Stuart Maxwells [panda] 
Simba, Nala, and Adult Kiara (The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride)
Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy)
Finnick, Larry and Gary, Chief Bogo, Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and other ZPD officers (Zootopia)
Everest “Polar”, Euphrates, and Marrianae Solar [young polar bear, Siberian tiger, and adult polar bear] 
Agent and Promenade Maxwells [coyote; white-tailed deer]
Nita (Brother Bear 2, in bear form)
Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Applejack, Capper, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Big McIntosh, Princess Luna, King Sombra and Princess Celestia (MLP: Friendship is Magic and MLP: The Movie)
Adolescent Aleu (Balto II: Wolf Quest), Kodi, Saba, and Dakota (Balto III: Wings of Change)
Bolt (Bolt)
Dawn Waterfall [anthro dolphin]
Veronica "Vancouver" and Beverly "Brooklyn" Micahels [female wolf and cheetah, respectively - debut]
Marcellus and Christopher Michaels [teenage polar bear and gray wolf, respectively]
Joel J. Johnson [kangaroo]
Ronnie Maxwells [winged vampire fox-coyote hybrid] - Sandwich Cookie with Missing Back
Michael Micahs [manned wolf]
Amethyst Ambers [jeweled wolf]

Quotes (Will Be Continued)

“Guys, wake up! Rise and shine! You’re gonna miss the song!” – Matthew

“Whatever, you suckers. You’re still a lonely nerd [Samson], a living ever-loving stereotype [Jenna], and a royal fiend [Kovu]! WHY? Because you’re different, and that makes you hopeless!” – Steele

“Can I kill him?” – Dawn Waterfall

“Don’t listen to Steele. He’s full of himself. People like him will exist, but they can’t define you for who you truly are…You’re freaking champions!” – Matthew 

“It’s the Darth Canine!” – Kiara

“I hate this job.” – Wolf 

“It’s not ours to understand the creators. They work in mysterious ways.” – Samson

“Yoo-hoo! Lovebirds, over here!”- Rainbow Dash

“Come on ladies! Swag that spice!” – Bearen 

“I told you, Matthew! We were made to be together!” – Danielle

“You wanna learn the truth about what you’re in for? Ask Hiccup. He seems to know what’s going on.” – Dodger

“OH MY GOSH!” – Classified

AAAHHH! Oh, my gosh! Oh, no!” – Johnny  

“You and we have a problem!!” – Everest

“This is bound to end…well, not well.” - Kate

“Yeah, about that…” – Simba 

“Lightbulb!” – Queen Sombra

“What. The. HAY?!” – Rainbow

“They’re killing childrenDOGGONE CHILDREN!!!...To the WINDOW!!” – Bearen 

“I wanna go home!” – Samson 

“OHHH!! We’re all gonna die!” – Kovu

“Kovu!! Pull yourself together, man! You wanna be killed? Dash didn’t sacrifice herself for you so you could become mincemeat! RUN!!!” – Bearen 

“NO! Gosh, please, NO! NO! NOOOOO!!” – Samson 

“Run…pals…!” – Bearen 

“What have they done to you? Nooooo…” – Kovu

“It’s a trap.” – Tempest Shadow

“Are you gonna let the cat out the bag, kitty, or are you gonna howl? Where are they?” – Sombra  

“Jenna, you’ve lost it! The creators are murderers! They took everyone I love! I can’t lose you, too…you’re all I’ve got!” – Samson

“I’m a realist, Samson. And the reality is, they made us. They’ll listen to us.” – Jenna 

“Well, we’re screwed.” – Promenade  

“You want your revenge? Get it.” – Simba 

“I’m coming for you!” – Sombra 

“OH! What’s with the butt?!” – Celestia 

“In your furry FACE, kill-monger!” – Johnny 

“Oh. My. Furry. Dang. Gosh. NO.” – Matthew 

“What’s wrong with me?” – Simba 

“I was wrong; there is a Great Beyond without you…I got out of my panel for you, and you wouldn’t even get back into one for me!” - Danielle

“I’m okay…just a little asthma. Either that, or I’m out of breath.” – Fluttershy 

“Huh, I’d expected a much warmer welcome.” – Capper 

“This can’t just be another day.” – Everest

“Open your mind, Simba. You love me, with all your heart. And so do I...What's the only thing keeping us apart? Them. Rise up, my darling. It’s only when we do that we understand what it takes to be on top. The creators know that. That’s why they control everything. But they don't have to...” – Sombra 

“I now understand.” – Simba 

“Simba…Sombra…Simbra…” – Kate 

“The Great Beyond is garbage!!!” – Matthew 

“Well! Our good old buddy thinks it’s too late to redeem himself? Well, take it from us!” – Jenna 

The creators can be…sorry, I caught a draft…KILLED!” – Samson

“That…made no dang sense.” – Johnny 

“You know what good authors do when they don’t like how their story is going? They never give up on it. The greatest legends come from those willing to dare and rewrite it! Now, it’s your turn!” – Kiara 

“Let’s do this.” – Phase Awesomeness 

“There is a Great Beyond out there, Matthew. We’re just not getting there because no one ever bothered to understand why. But now someone does—you. We need you, Matt!” – Kovu 

“We’re in a war, people!” – Rainbow Titan

“Don’t even think about it! I’m armed!” – Wolf

“Oh, we just want the same thing…” – Simba 

“Oh, so now you’re gonna come at me, bro?” – Sombra

“Oh, I’m coming for you!” – Matthew 

“We’re freaking CREATORS!!!” – Sombra, Simba, and Kate

“It’s over? We’ve actually won! FREEDOM!” – Kovu 

“This isn’t over yet…Will you marry me?” – Danielle

“Oh, Shiloh.” – Matthew 

“Friends? You need a better word for our bond than that, buddy.” – Classified 

“Wow. This actually is a thing…CUTE!!!” – Vancouver 

With All Fair Warning...

Despite being the "cleaner version" of Sausage Party, there are still some dramatic and mildly graphic scenes in this parody, including the following:

  • Bearen makes romatic advances towards Natasha (who's already married to him) in order to demonstrate to Matthew "what a woman really wants". Rainbow Dash does the same with Soarin.
  • Dodger commits suicide after being selected again by Scarlet Overkill to be purchased, having seen what really goes on in the Great Beyond, although he first warns Matthew (who tries to save him) and the other characters about the matter.
  • When Scarlet's cursor conks out while she's trying to verify her purchases, Matt, Dani, and several others are knocked out of the cart, resulting in a good bit of carnage and chaos.
  • Johnny Johnson witnesses his little brother, Jason the Lion, collapse as his flesh peels off.
  • Ronnie dazedly picks up his robotic left arm which was severed from him during a chaotic "online cart" incident.
  • Matthew, Danielle, Johnny, and several others are nearly killed by the glitchy mouse cursor which obliterates a few other characters (including Nuka, Clawhauser, Sour Kangaroo, Dingo and Dusty the Husky). Several others, including Dawn, Simba, and Everest, are injured with varying ranges of severity. Johnny, in particular, is nearly crushed by the cursor when he sacrificially spares Twilight from the same fate, and suffers on-and-off trauma due to the experience.
  • Queen Sombra drinks the remaining blood out of a dying Rudy in order to strengthen herself and renew her sense of purpose. This soon becomes a trend with other characters (including Mayor Lionheart and Matthew himself).
  • Gideon Gray gets his clothes erased by Scarlet (depicted as Nightmare Moon), before being dropped alive into a boiling lake of lava.
  • Ed the hyena is chopped in half in front of his friends Shenzi and Banzai, only to revive and attack them both.
  • Pandora Woz is portrayed as being disintegrated in one artwork, her remains "raining" onto several MLP characters.
  • Fire is drawn coming out of Fuli's eye sockets; meanwhile, a psycho Kion (given an Ashley Williams appearance) is forced to run a chainsaw through Jasiri.
  • Nala and Luna are redrawn as a sort of co-joined, fire-breathing creature; meanwhile, Nick and Judy are portrayed as Naturalists "doing it".
  • Tempest Shadow pretends to act "romantically" toward Danielle at points, albeit mostly to show Matthew "how it's done".
  • In the chaos of trying to escape, Samson takes a slice from a kitchen knife from the chest down.
  • Bearen is agonizingly sliced in half by a pencil (virtualized as a sword), but not before it impales him first through the lead end.
  • Rainbow Dash also is impaled by a red pen after being thrown into a laptop...with the ink splattering (like blood) all over him as the computer glitches out. The computer actually shuts down on her as she lets out a last, pained chuckle, but not before a high-definition copy of her fate is printed.
  • After failing to drop Jenna into a boiling pot of water while under the influence (though she bounces of the edge face-first, leaving a diagonal burn), Raymond, in leaning over to pick her up, knocks the whole pot of water onto himself, tripping (thanks to Samson pulling at his foot), and finally tumbling into a large wolf statue that falls on him, crushing half of his body...not unlike a scene in Final Destination 5.
  • Queen Sombra attempts to kill Matthew and Danielle (along with their friends) multiple times before the "great attack". On one occasion, Danielle distracts her by ripping a bandage off of a wound she'd inflicted.
  • Also, during the resultant chase, Dawn and Everest risk their lives by literally jumping over a fiery gorge created by one of Sombra's blasts.
  • Samson and Jenna, with the help of some new allies, virtuallize said Raymond's body and bring it back to their world as proof of Matthew's assertions about some of their creators. Jenna, namely, satirically explains Raymond's demise and her and Samson's survival in retrospect by pretending to act as Raymond himself.
  • During the war between the characters and Wolf's henchmen, Queen Sombra and Simba (merged together and controlling Wolf, alongside an empowered Kate) bite Matthew in his chest with their fangs, attempting to kill him.
  • Soarin, with the encouragement of Rainbow Dash (restored as fandom alter-ego Rainbow Titan at that point), forces himself to see Krystal, one of Wolf's allies, as a male fox before attacking her with the rest.
  • Both Wolf, Kate, and the merged form of Queen Sombra and King Simba are killed in an airborne mega-explosion, blowing all four of them to bits. Samson recovers Simba’s arm, Kate’s canine tooth, and Sombra's horn as "victory trophies" while the characters celebrate.
  • Matthew and Danielle, along with some of the other couples (including Kovu and Kiara, Jenna and Balto, Samson and Jane, Natasha and Bearen, and Soarin and Rainbow) are seen making out near the end of the parody.


  • This Phase Awesomeness parody actually isn't canon, partly because it highlights Matthew in a relationship with Danielle rather than Ciad, and also because it highlights the fact of his and the other character's fictional existence, besides the deaths of some major characters. It also turns out to be kind of a musical.
  • This is the first parody to feature human (or at least humanoid) characters, namely Hiccup, Astrid, and Knowsmore. By far, this is their only appearance to date in P.A. parodies.
  • After "The Anthro Movie" (The Emoji Movie), this is the second time Samson, alongside Kovu and Jenna, has a hard time fitting in with the rest. It's also shown that he and the other two are misunderstood and made fun of by Steele, a recurring theme (at least for Samson) from the aforementioned parody.
  • Tempest Shadow and Soarin both have a major role in a P.A. parody for the first time.
  • Kenai and Classified also make a comeback from older parodies, acting as a kind of duo. Though they start out as enemies due to whom they represent (actual animals vs. furries, respectively), they eventually form a kind of "bromance" near the parody's end.
  • Rainbow Dash and Bearen share the same role for the third (in total, fourth) time since "Princess Luna Sandiego" and the "Awesome Me" series. Kovu, Samson, and Jenna similarly share the same role for the first time in P.A. parodies.
  • Despite not having roles, Simba, Nala, Kiara, Kate, Vancouver, Johnny Johnson, Kiana "Kaige" Christina (the alter-ego of Gazelle), Fluttershy, Bolt, Dawn Waterfall, Everest "Polar" Solar, Thea and Benjamin Stilton, Capper, and Princess Celestia still have major supporting roles in this parody. Kiara in particular has an especially important role alongside Kovu, most notably when the two meet the "real-life" fursona of your truly.
  • Simba, in particular, is kind of a "tragic hero" in this parody. The best friend of Queen Sombra (despite her dark nature), Simba looks out for the villainess and, at several points, tries to restore her after she begins to seek revenge on Matthew and Danielle...even battling with having a relationship with her in the first place after being “disowned” by Kate as her very best friend, rather than just a friend—although it’s later revealed that she only did so for his and Sombra’s sake. But after Sombra opens his eyes to the fact that his actions are solely based on romantic love for her (a feeling she admits she has towards him as well) and gets him to visualize their world and "separation" from her skewed perspective, Simba "realizes" that his whole life, nature, and default go-to in relationships—save with Sombra—are all mere fabrications of his original creators, and that the only way to be truly "free" is by acting "out of character", so to speak. In the end, Simba opens up to the darkness—as represented by Sombra's misconceptions and his own bitterness toward the creators' "standards"—and (quite literally) becomes one with her, ultimately sealing his own fate.
  • This parody confirms Bearen and Rainbow's roles as "the cool guys" in the group, as well as the optimists and the ones most empathetic toward Jenna, Samson, and Kovu, after Matthew.
  • Rainbow Dash actually appears in her Rainbow Titan form (actually a YouTube fan-made idea) when brought back to life. Bearen similarly is "recreated" into his "Pyscho Ponytech" Pegasus self.
  • This is the second parody since 2012 (Phase Awesomeness) in which Dawn's close relationship with Everest is highlighted. She serves as a sort of role model/idol to Everest, getting him to adapt a more "chill", laid-back attitude about life without compromising his sensitivity.
  • Everest Solar (rather than Hiccup) is actually the one who discovers that the characters' whole adventure was the creation of one true creator (myself!), as well as the fact that it's actually a parody of another movie, something Knowsmore confirms.
  • There are actually a few real-life furries and artists referenced in this parody, including my own "fursona", who are all dubbed some of the good creators Kovu meets.

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