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Anna (born March 14, 1995) is a princess and the main protagonist of Frozen.

Voice Actors:

  1. Albanian : Klodiana Keco (speaking) & Alma Koleci (singing)
  2. Arabic : Shorouq Salah / شروق صلاح (speaking & singing)
  3. Bosnian: Zalena Škaričić (speaking & singing)
  4. Brazilian : Érika Menezes (speaking) & Gabriela Porto (singing)
  5. Bulgarian : Vesela Boneva / Весела Бонева (speaking & singing)
  6. Cantonese : Kandy Wong / 黃山怡 (speaking & singing)
  7. Castilian : Laura Pastor (speaking) & Carmen López Pascual (singing)
  8. Catalan : Paula Ribó (speaking & singing)
  9. Croatian : Sementa Rajhard (speaking & singing)
  10. Czech : Tereza Martinková (speaking & singing)
  11. Danish : Kristine Yde Eriksen (speaking & singing)
  12. Dutch : Noortje Herlaar (speaking & singing)
  13. English : Kristen Bell (speaking & singing)
  14. Estonian : Hele Kõrve (speaking & singing)
  15. Finnish : Saara Aalto (speaking & singing)
  16. Flemish : Aline Goffin (speaking & singing)
  17. French : Emmylou Homs (speaking & singing)
  18. German : Yvonne Greitzke (speaking) & Pia Allgaier (singing)
  19. Greek : Vássia Zaharopoúlou / βάσια ζαχαροπούλου (speaking & singing)
  20. Hebrew : Einat Azulay / עינת אזולאי (speaking & singing)
  21. Hungarian : Vágó Bernadett (speaking & singing)
  22. Icelandic : Þórdís Björk Þorfinnsdóttir (speaking & singing)
  23. Indonesian (2015) : Apriliana Suci Ariesta (speaking) & Nadia Rosyada (singing)
  24. Italian : Serena Rossi (speaking & singing)
  25. Japanese : Kanda Sayaka / 神田沙也加 (speaking & singing)
  26. Korean : Park Ji-Yun (speaking & singing)
  27. Latin Spanish : Romina Marroquín (speaking & singing)
  28. Latvian : Beāte Zviedre (speaking & singing)
  29. Lithuanian : Neringa Nekrašiūtė (speaking & singing)
  30. Macedonian: Nikolina Stameska / Николина Стамеска (speaking & singing)
  31. Malay : Liyana Jasmay (speaking) & Amylea Azizan (singing)
  32. Mandarin : Janet Hsieh / 謝怡芬 (speaking) & Ray Liu / Liú Xuān-Zhēn / 劉軒蓁 (singing)
  33. Norwegian : Kristin Kaspersen (speaking & singing)
  34. Persian (2014) : Samin Mozafari / ثمین مظفری (speaking & singing)
  35. Polish : Anna Cieślak (speaking) & Magdalena Wasylik (singing)
  36. Portuguese : Bárbara Lourenço (speaking) & Isabel Jacobetty (singing)
  37. Putonghua : Zhāng Ān-Qí / 张安琪 (speaking) & Eva Li / Lǐ Xiāo-Xiāo / 李潇潇 (singing)
  38. Quebec French : Véronique Claveau (speaking & singing)
  39. Romanian : Anca Iliese (speaking) & Cătălina Chirţan (singing)
  40. Russian : Natalia Bystrova / Наталия Быстрова (speaking & singing)
  41. Serbian : Andrijana (Tasić) Oliverić (speaking) & Lejla Hot (singing)
  42. Serbo-Croatian & Montenegrin : Labina Paraminski / Лабина Парамински (speaking & singing)
  43. Slovak : Lucia Molnárová Bugalová (speaking & singing)
  44. Slovene : Tanja Ravljen (speaking & singing)
  45. Swedish : Mimmi Sandén (speaking & singing)
  46. Thai : "Noona" Nuengthida Sophon (speaking & singing)
  47. Turkish : Damla Babacan (speaking) & Deniz Sujana (singing)
  48. Ukrainian : Hanna Sahajdačna / Ганна Сагайдачна (speaking) & Marija Jaremčuk / Марія Яремчук (singing)
  49. Vietnamese : Võ Ha Trâm (speaking & singing)

Anna played as Snow White in Anna White and the Seven Characters

She is a princess

Anna Played As Christina Aguilera In Animated Tale

She Is A Fish Music

Anna played as Jenny in Melody Time (160 Movies Style)

Anna played as Mulan in Annalan, Annalan (My Version) and Annalan 2 (My Version)

She is a Chinese princess

Anna played as Mary Poppins in Anna Poppins

Anna played as Thor in Princess Assemble

She is a super hero

Anna played as Mara Jade Skywalker in Star Wars (160 Movies Style)

Anna played as Sally Carrera in Animateds (Cars)

She is a car

Anna played One Of The Dancers To Summon Megalon in Princess Zelda VS Mammothmon (Godzilla VS Megalon)

She is a dancer

Anna played Karen in Olaf the Snowman (Frosty the Snowman) and Olaf the Snowman

Anna played Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty (Jiminy Cricket Style) and Sleeping Anna

Anna played Rapunzel in Tangled (Princess Rapunzel Style)

Anna played LGMs in Super All-Star Story And Super-All Star Story 2

Anna played Sofia in Anna the First

Anna played Twigs in Alice and Pinocchio

She is a female pig

Anna played Merida in Brave (Princess Rapunzel Style) and Brave (My Version)

Anna played Lady Kluck in Flynn Rider (Robin Hood)

She is a hen

Anna played Robin in Alice the First and Alice the First: Once Upon A Princess

She is a red bird

Anna played as Cinderella in Annarella

She is a princess

Anna played as Pocahontas in Annahontas

Anna played as Princess Mindy in The DannyBob CatPants Movie

She is a mermaid

Anna played as Silvermist in Rapunzel Bell, Rapunzel Bell and the Lost Treasure, Rapunzel Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, Secret of the Wings (Jiminy Cricket Style), The Pirate Fairy (Jiminy Cricket Style), and Rapunzel Bell and the Legend of the Duck

She is a water fairy

She played as Lilly in Alpha and Omega (Princess Rapunzel Style)

She is a wolf

She Played as Rita in Pinocchio & Company

She is a dog

She Played as Mickey Mouse (Pauper) in The Princess and the Pauper (TheLastDisneyToon)

She is a pauper

She Played as Madame Blueberry in CartoonTales

She is a blueberry

She Played as Ariel in The Little Snow Princess

She is a mermaid

She Played as Adult Nala in The Ice Harvester King and The Mountaineer King

She is a Lioness

She Played as Odette in The Rabbit Princess, The Smurf Princess and The Rabbit Princess (My Version)

She is a princess

She Played as Patty in The Simpsons Movie (StevenandFriends Style), The Simpsons Movie (TBSC Style)

She is Marge's sister

She Played as Thumbelina in Annalina

She is to play Princess Leia in The Cartoon Wars

She is a princess

She Played Alice in Anna and Elsa in Wonderland and Anna in Wonderland

She is a girl

She Played as Grandmother in Courtney Ashby

She is a Grandmother When Kate Murder to Grandma.

She Played as TinkerBell in Rayman Pan and Jiminy Pan

She is a fairy

She Played as Rabbit Puppet Baby einstein amy rose

She is a rabbit puppet

She Played as Wendy Darling in Jack Pan, Aladdin Pan (My Version), Aladdin Pan 2: Return to Neverland (My Version), Danny Pan and Danny Pan 2: Return to Neverland

She is a darling girl

She Played as Rita in Ariel and Company

She is a dog

She Played as Courtney Babcock in ParaHiro

She Played as Pearl Krabs in SheenBob KidPants

She is a whale

She Played Penny in The Rescuers (HumanVersion Style)

She is a girl

She Played James in Anna and the Giant Peach (Female Style)

She is a boy

She Played Duchess in The Aristo-Humans

She is a white cat with a golden collar

She plays Barney in Anna & Friends

They both have similar personalities.

She plays Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc (GenderBent style)

She is a cyclops

She plays Chip in Anna 'n Elsa Rescue Rangers

Both protagonists are more positive, clever, fearless, and a lot more active.

She Played Mama Swimmer in The Land Before Time

She is a swimmer

She Played Honey Best in The Incredibles (JimmyandFriends Human Style)

She Played Princess Eilonwy in The Black Cauldron (150 Movies Style) and The Black Cauldron (My Version)

She Played Carlotta the Maid in The Little Florist

She is a maid

She Played Joy in Inside Out (DisneyLovefan Style) and Inside Out (My Version)

She is a yellow emotion

She played Tanta Kringle in Roger Claus is Coming to Town

She is a wise queen

She played Grandma Georgina in Cobra Bubbles and the Chocolate Factory

She plays Bert in some Sesame Street (Disney character, Female and TV/Animated) parodies

She was once given a surprise birthday party just like Bert.

Her big sister Elsa plays Ernie.

She plays Priscilla in Metatopia

She plays Soleil Spacebot in The Spacebots (LooneyNelvanaTunesRockz Style)

She is a yellow spacebot

She plays SpongeBob in AnnaBob FeistyPants and Princess Anna Royal-Dress

Both are silly, hyperactive, carefree, and optimistic

She plays Shrek in the Anna (Shrek) film series

She plays Princess Fiona (Human) in the Janja (Shrek) Series

She is a princess that was locked in a castle guarded by a fierce dragon

She plays Ronnette in Little Shop of Horrors (EJL423 Style)

She is one of the three girls

She will play Janet Weiss in The Jack Skellington Picture Show

She is a heroine and the main female protagonist

She will play Ariel in The Little Mermaid (DaveGrrrrrrruly)

She is a human

She will play Ariel in The Little Mermaid (Davegrruly)

She is a human

She will play Ariel in The Little Mermaid (DaveGrrrrrrruly Style)

She is a human/mermaid

She will play Ariel in The Little Mermaid (Davegrruly Style)

She is a human

She will play Pocahontas in Annahontas

She is a Powhatan

She will play Ariel in The Little Mer-Fairies

She is a both humans

She will play Pocahontas in Annahontas (1995)

She is a Powhatan

She will play Ariel in The Little Mer-Sisters

She is a both mermaids

She will play Pocahontas in "Annahontas"

She is a Powhatan

She will play Effie White in Dreamgirls (Davidchannel's Version)

She is a American singer

She will play Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games (Davidchannel's Version), The Hunger Games (AnimatedFan195 Human Style), The Hunger Games (My Version), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (My Version), The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (My Version) and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (My Version)

She is a The Girl on Fire

She Played Matilda in The Angry Animals Movie (TheCartoonMan12 Style) and The Angry Animals Movie 2

She is a Bird Girl

She will play Honeymaren in Frozen 2 (2019; OhandFriends Style), Frozen II (Breakingbenfangirl; remake), Frozen 2 (Princess Creation345's Version) Frozen 2 (Justin Quintanilla), Frozen 3 (Justin Quintanilla), and Frozen 3 (Princess Creation345's Version)

She is a enchanted forest

She will play Queen Elsa in Frozen (Trina Mouse's Version), Frozen Fever (Trina Mouse's Version), SpongeBob's Frozen Adventure (Trina Mouse's Version), Frozen 2 (Trina Mouse's Version), Once Upon a Sponge (2020) (Trina Mouse's Version), Sponge Presents (2021) (Trina Mouse's Version) and Frozen 3 (Trina Mouse's Version)

She is a snow queen

She will play Narrator (voice) in Myth: A Frozen Tale (AnimatedFan195 Human Style)

She is a bedtime story

He plays Flora in Sleeping Beauty (My Version) and Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams

She is a red fairy

He plays Alcmene in Hirocules (DisneyAnimalsRockz), Victorcules (TheAnthony28495World Style), Varian (Hercules) and Spongecules (TheAnthony28495World Style)

He plays Myaxx in Varian 10: Secret of the Omnitrix

He plays Kala in Leozan, Hanszan, The Legend of Hanszan, Hanszan & Clara, Hanszan II, Benzan, The Legend of Benzan, Benzan & Gwen and Benzan II

He plays Dixie in The Human and the Puppet 2

He is a dog.

He plays Susan Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (My Version), The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Kuzco (My Version), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (My Version) and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair (My Version)

Anna is a suspect on the cases are #32 Murder On Campus, #35 At The End Of The Rope and #37 The Reaper And The Geek. Later, she becomes the killer on a case #41 The Rorschach Reaper, and then she becomes the victim on a case #55 Ashes To Ashes on Criminal Case.