Anna Goes to School is the sixth episode of Anna and the Backyard Gang. What makes this unique however is that will have slight changes from the original.


Alice's wish is to have a typical day at school with Anna and their friends.


  • Barney - Anna (Frozen)
  • Michael - Peter Pan (Peter Pan)
  • Amy - Kellie Hoggart (Hi-5)
  • Tina - Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Dinah (Alice in Wonderland, extra for Alice/Tina's backyard)
  • Luci - Rapunzel (Tangled)
  • Derek - Robin (Teen Titans)
  • Adam - Hamburglar (The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald)
  • Zippity - Rhino (Bolt)


  • Anna Theme Song
  • I Wish There Was School Everyday
  • Look Through the Window
  • There Are Seven Days in a Week
  • The Alphabet Song/The Alphabet Chant
  • The Weather Riddle Song
  • The Fishing Song
  • The Shape Song
  • Alligator Pie
  • Hug a Color
  • If All the Raindrops
  • Three Bears Rap
  • Goodbye Song
  • In a World of My Own


Differences between the parody and the real film

  • "You're a Grand Old Flag" and "What I Want to Be" will be removed to make the episode shorter, since for the former, Kellie who plays Amy is Australian.
  • After the "Goodbye Song", "Shimbaree, Shimbarah" will be replaced by Anna and her friends saying goodbye. The sound clip from Waiting for Santa will be used.
  • "I Love You" will not be in this version and "In a World of My Own" will be sung in place.


  • This marks the first appearance of Rhino.
  • Hamburglar returns in this video after being absent from Campfire Sing-Along.
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