Jiminy Cricket's Movie-Spoof of the 1994 Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox Don Bluth Films, "Thumbelina".


  • Anna (Frozen) as Thumbelina
  • Kristoff (Frozen) as Prince Cornileus
  • Jiminy Cricket (Pinocchio) as Jaquimo
  • Mary Poppins as Thumbelina's Mother
  • Dodger (Oliver & Company) as Hero
  • Peter (Make Mine Music: Peter and the Wolf) as Baby Bug
  • Penny (The Rescuers) as Gnatty
  • Pinocchio as Li'l Bug
  • Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) as Mrs. Toad
  • The Ringmaster (Dumbo) as Mozo
  • Tycoon MacFroogal (The Ballad of Nessie) as Gringo
  • Sykes (Oliver & Company) as Grundel
  • King Ralphie as Berkeley Beetle
  • Hyacinth Hippo (Fantasia: Dance of the Hours) as Mrs. Fieldmouse
  • Ben Ali Gator (Fantasia: Dance of the Hours) as Mr. Mole
  • Peter Griffin (Family Guy) as King Colbert
  • Lois Griffin (Family Guy) as Queen Tabitha
  • Rita (Oliver & Company) as Mrs. Rabbit
  • Honest John (Pinocchio) as Mr. Fox
  • Orville (The Rescuers) as Mr. Bear
  • Gepetto (Pinocchio) as the Reverend Rat
  • Sven (Frozen) as Bumblebee
  • Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6) as Good Witch
  • Go Go Tomago (Big Hero 6) and Little Red Riding Hood (Goldie & Bear) as the Blue and Green Fairies
  • Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) and Goldie Locks (Goldie & Bear) as the Purple and Pink Fairies
  • Peoples of Arendelle (Frozen) as the Fairies


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