Annalisa Frankenteen

Annalisa Frankenteen (The Blackwood Ghoul School).png

Annalisa Frankenteen is a frankenstein in The Blackwood Ghoul School.

Voice Actors:

  1. Toborr Kristina Tomlinsen - English
  2. Yumi Takada - Japanese


Slender frankenstein girl, fair skin, black and white hair, green dress and brown shoes.


Like all Frankensteins, her movements were a little slow, and she did tend to point out the obvious; however, she is bright (having a love for science), strong, and tenacious. She is also a bit of a tomboy (like Waverly Werewolf).


  • Witch woman. Horrible.
  • (Soleil Spacebot: Annalisa! You gotta tell Sam that the me who's after him isn't me.) Is it true? Oh, sure. Soleil was duplicates into a mirror-like monster like her. (Soleil Spacebot: Me? What?) She was duplicates by Dreadfula. I tell the others about her wicked deeds. (Soleil Spacebot: Yes! Do tell them, Annalisa! I hope Sam freed me.)


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