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Annevig Sifka Schelde Ebbe (born August 6, 1983) is a Danish actress and voice actor from Aarhus, Denmark. She contributes to acting Danish language dubbing. She dubs characters from cartoons, movies, anime, and more. She also played Mary Jensen in the DR 1 canceled mini series The Kingdom. She dubs Stacy Hirano,Vanessa Doofensmirtz, and other characters from Phineas and Ferb. She is the current Danish dubber of May, and Dawn from Pokémon.


  • May, Dawn - Pokemon
  • Mindy - Animaniacs
  • Bloom - Winx Club
  • Stacy Hirano, Vanessa Doofensmirtz - Phineas and Ferb
  • Mac - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
  • Sabrina Spellman - Sabrina: The Animated Series
  • Sarah - Ed, Edd n Eddy
  • Clover - Totally Spies