It’s Called a Hustle, Sweetheart...

Bearen's Sly Look

Whenever Sonya looked at her world in the past, she saw a handful of accomplishments, triumphs, and memories, significant but usually accompanied by faults, mistakes, tragedies, and a whole lot of imperfection and grief. Her parents and friends would tell her that that was the reality of life, but she would still ponder what was missing. Upon discovering a mysterious teleporter remote in her closet one weekend, Sonya accidentally transports herself to a modern mammalian metropolis, Pandemonium City, in a world much like her own but where predator and prey could live, socialize and cooperate together as fellow animals. Now a feline herself, Sonya winds up becoming the first lioness police officer in Pandemonium, but unfortunately her newfound prominence took place in the midst of a national crisis. Various animals across the nation were mysteriously disappearing, and their numbers were decreasing rapidly. Peaceful protests and upheavals had been rising concerning the issue, and Sonya would have to face the daunting task of determining the cause of the disappearances within 48 hours in order to prove herself as an officer. Amidst doubt in her own potential, conflicting with determination to crack a case, Sonya ultimately realizes that her feat would be one that required courage, confidence, self-value, and a genuine acceptance of others—plus a little bit of unexpected help from a “society-rebel” tween polar bear. 

Main Characters

Sonya "Siri" Shalom [lioness, formerly human] as Judy Hopps

Reynold Philip “Bearen” Michaels [polar bear] as Nick Wilde

Christopher Wilde Michaels [wolf] as Finnick

Samuel “Sunbay” Daniels [lion] and Matthew Micahs [cheetah] as Mayor Lionheart

Courtney “Connie” Christian [jackal] as Bellwether

Zydeco Zenith [lion] as Manchas

Johnny James Johnson [panda] as Officer Clawhauser

Kiana “Kiage” Christiana [kangaroo] as Gazelle

Shiloh “Coyoté” Maxwells [coyote]as Chief Bogo

Secondary Characters

 Forester Lawrence [fox] as Larry

Jeremy Lawrence [kangaroo] as Gary

Wilbur “Whiff” Wilson [skunk] as Duke Weaselton

Mason “Mate” Madison [horse] as Peter Moosebridges

White Williams [snow leopard] as Fabienne Growley

Promenade Maxwells [deer] as Raymond

Samson “Smartstuff/Calculus” Maxwells [panda/vampire coyote] as Kevin

Michael Micahs [manned wolf] as Gideon Gray

Vincent Veranda [zebra] as Flash

Fernando Bonjour [mouse] as Mr. Otteron

Missouri Bonjour [ocelot] as Mrs. Otteron

Ian Flame [dragon] as Mr. Big

Other Characters

Sarah and Steve Sonya [humans] as Bonnie and Stu Hopps

Ernest Smith [hyena] as Doug the Sheep

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