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Anya/Anastasia is the titular protagonist of Anastasia.

Anya played Mrs. Jumbo in Cody (Dumbo)

She is an elephant

Anya played Atina in The Little Mer-Oriana

Anya played Miss Bianca in The Russians and The Russians Down Under

She is a mouse

Anya played Corde in Star Wars (160 Movies Style)

Anya played Maid Marian in Dimitri Hood & Nature Cat (AKA Robin Hood)

She is a vixen

Anya played Ginger in Russian Run

She is a hen

Anya played Annie Hughes in The Iron Beast

She is Hogarth's mother

Anya played Adult Nala in The Russian King

She is a lioness

Anya played Adult Kiara in The Super King II: Steve's Pride

Anya played Rosie in A Knight's Life

She is a spider

Anya played Belle in Beauty and the Giant, Beauty and the Wrecker, Beauty and the Iron Giant and Beauty and the Elephant

Anya played Hillary in A Dragon in Central Park

Anya played Abigail Gabble in The AristoHumans (Bruce Hogan Style)

She is a goose

Anya played Mulan in Anyalan

Anya played Fa Li in Sakuralan and Sakuralan II

She is Mulan's mother

Anya played Jane Porter in Dimitrizan

Anya played Ariel in The Little Mer-Russian

She is a mermaid

Anya played Megara in Dimitricules

Anya played Serena In Pokemon XY (1962Movies Style)

Anya Played Bulma In Dragon Ball (1984Movies Human Style)

Anya played Human Luna in Sailor Rain S: Hearts in Ice

Anya played Queen Elsa in Frozen (My Version), Frozen Fever (My Version), Frosty's Frozen Adventure (My Version), Frozen 2 (My Version), Once Upon a Snowman (My Version), Frosty Presents (My Version) and Frozen 3 (My Version)