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Ariel White and The Seven Characters Trailer-0

Jimmyandfriends's movie-spoofs of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". It appeared on YouTube on April 19, 2016.



  1. Opening Credits/Prologue
  2. Lady Tremaine's Teddy Bear
  3. Ariel Meets Eric ("I'm Wishing/One Song")
  4. Lady Tremaine's Dark Demand
  5. In the Woods/Ariel Runs Away
  6. Ariel's Forest Animals ("With a Smile and a Song")
  7. Ariel Discovers a Cottage
  8. "Whistle While You Work"
  9. Meet the Characters ("Heigh-Ho")
  10. Ariel Explores Upstairs
  11. The Characters Return Home
  12. Searching the Cottage (Part 1)
  13. Searching the Cottage (Part 2)
  14. The Characters Discover Ariel
  15. Ariel Meets the Characters
  16. Supper Not Ready Yet
  17. "Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum (The Characters' Washing Song)"
  18. Deceived/Lady Tremaine Disguised Herself
  19. "The Characters' Yodel Song (The Silly Song)"
  20. "Someday My Prince Will Come"
  21. Bedtime at the Characters' Cottage
  22. Mother Gothel's Evil Plan
  23. The Characters Leave For Work
  24. Ariel Meets Mother Gothel
  25. A Race Against Time
  26. Ariel's Death and Funeral
  27. True Love's First Kiss/Happily Ever After