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The Arizona jaguar (Panthera onca arizonensis) is a jaguar subspecies. Due to the US Government's efforts to extirpate large wild cats which once roamed from California to Arizona, the Jaguar, which used to be a common sight in the Southwestern United States is all but gone. While population sizes in the US are no longer significant, small numbers of Jaguars still roam wild. The Arizonian Jaguar, a specific subspecies under the large Jaguar category, faces a massive population decline in the wild. Before the start of World War II in Europe, 1939, the Arizonian Jaguar ranged from Sonora, Mexico, to the Southwestern US.This subspecies of Jaguar was a popular and prized target for hunting. Only in 1969 would the continued hunting of Arizonan Jaguar be declared illegal by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission.With such a small population, rare sightings have been carefully noted by scientists. In 2011, an Arizonian Jaguar dubbed "El Jefe", was spotted. In 2016 (Dec 1st), a different male was observed around Fort Huachaca, AZ. In 2017 (Feb), a third individual was reported to have been seen in the "Dos Cabezas Mountains." Although individuals have been spotted, the problem of all of them being male, with the sexual gender of the third spotted individual still unknown, leaves the question if reproduction is still possible in the United States. However, farther in Mexico, breeding populations have been sighted. Due to political relations between the United States of America and the United Mexican States, patrols along the border are numerous, and nearly 300 miles of fencing line the US-Mexico land border. However, numerous holes along the fencing make it possible for these Arizonan Jaguars to pass through.



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