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A Furry, Anime & Cartoon Spoof to Army of the Dead prequel "Army of Thieves"

From Littlechild Studios



Bodias has a mundane life as a bank teller in Potsdam. A zombie outbreak in Nevada dominates international news, giving him nightmares about zombies. He also produces YouTube videos about safecracking that receive no attention until a mysterious figure comments on his most recent, inviting him to an underground safecracking competition. Bodias goes, winning the contest. Darma then introduces herself, a skilled jewel thief who had commented upon his YouTube video.

Darma recruits Bodias into a heist crew consisting of herself, expert hacker Peni Parker, getaway driver Bomb and gunman Trevor Cage with the intention of breaking into three banks that have the three safes created by legendary locksmith Captain Newseyes, which currently belong to billionaire Winston Deavor. The safes are due to be decommissioned in less than a week, so time is running out for someone to break into them.

Bodias, a theoretical expert on Neweyes' work and safecracking but with no practical experience, is convinced by Darma to join them for the challenge of breaking into a Neweyes safe. Together, the crew successfully undertakes their heist of the first safe in Paris, escaping with only a fraction of the money that is actually in the safe. Darma justifies this as the challenge and reputation is better than any major monetary gain.

As the crew celebrate after the Paris heist, Bodias develops feelings for Darma, drawing jealousy from Trevor, her boyfriend since their teenage years when his real name was Trey. The crew travel to Prague the location of the second safe, and are followed by Earl, an obsessive Interpol agent leading a unit that has been trying to capture Darma and the crew for years after Trevor shot him during a theft.

Bodias and Darma enter the bank but are soon identified by security, forcing Trevor to create a distraction with a pretend robbery. He cracks the second safe, leaving with Darma and another haul of money as Earl and his team race to the bank to stop them. Trevor is shot in the shoulder by a security guard and narrowly escapes the bank, ahead of Bodias and Darma. As the team flee, Trevor deliberately leaves Bodias behind, forcing him to shake off the pursuing police alone.

Angry at Trevor’s actions, Darma and Peni leave the crew, although the original plan was to ditch Bodias after the three heists were complete. The women head back to Potsdam and reunite with Bodias, telling him that the pursuit of the Neweyes challenge is more important to them than any monetary gain.

The trio head to St. Moritz, location of the last safe in Europe, whilst Interpol also arrives. Earl’s team believe they have a lead on the theft, only to be tricked again by them. They hijacked the safe during its transfer from the casino. Their hijacking also usurps Trevor and Bomb's idea to rob the safe themselves.

Darma and Bodias leave St. Moritz on a lorry, chased by Trevor and Bomb. Peni, caught by Interpol, manages to warn them about the other two. Bodias has to crack the safe in the lorry while they are pursued by Trevor and Bomb, and Interpol. He succeeds, finding another large haul of cash. Before they can leave with it however, Bomb and increasingly unstable Trevor arrive. She overpowers and handcuffs them to the truck for Interpol to find before leaving with Bodias.

Before escaping on a boat, Bodias and Darma confess their mutual feelings. However, Earl catches them, resulting in a standoff between him and Darma. Out of love for Bodias, she sacrifices herself to be arrested so he can escape, promising to find him once she is free. Bodias goes, vowing he will be reunited with Darma one day.

Some time later, Duke and Bianca find Bodias' (now Bodi's) locksmith shop in California. They offer him the chance to crack Neweyes' legendary "missing" safe, which Darma and Bodias had resolved to crack together once she was free; Bodi accepts the job.