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Arthur "Wart" Pendragon is a character from The Sword in the Stone.


Guidoambi Wart (Bird) Played as Young Bambi

He is a deer

Deadly Friend (WartandAliceFan Style) Played as Paul Conway

The Little Mer Kim Wu Wart (Bird) Played as Young Flounder

He is a fish

The Microraptor King and The Microraptor King 11/2 Wart (Bird) Played as Young Simba

He is a lion cub

Frozen (160 Movies Style) Played as Kristoff

Stella and the Guido and Stella and the Guido 2: Bird Wart's Adventure Played as Scamp

He is a dog

Super Taran Played as Luigi

The Little Mer-British Girl, The Little Mer-British Girl (TV Series), and The Little Mer-British Girl 2: Return to the Sea Played as Prince Eric

He is a prince

Basil (Shrek) Played as Shrek (Human)

He is an ogre in his human form

Taran and Wart Played as Gunther Gibson

The Secret of NIMH (CityMaker Human Style) and The Secret of NIMH 2: Kristoff to the Rescue Played as 10-Year-Old Martin Brisby

He is a young mouse

Wartladdin Played as Aladdin

He is a street rat

Bubblestasia Played as Vladimir

He is a man

Alicestasia (Disneystyle8 Style) Played as Dimitri

He is a kitchen boy

Alicerella Played as Prince Charming

He is a prince

The Many Adventures of Conker the Squirrel Played as Christopher Robin

He is a boy

Lilohontas Played as Lon

The Wizard of OZ (Stephen Druschke's Style) Played as Zeke

He is a farmer

Wart in Wonderland Played as Alice

He is a girl

The Mammal Book Played as Mowgli

He is a man-cub

Wart Hood Played as Robin Hood

He is a fox

Little Wart: Adventures in Slumberland Played as Little Nemo

He is a boy

Ash Ketchum and The Goblet of Fire Played as ???? Diggory

he he is a Hogwarts Champion and student of Hufflepuff and boyfriend of ??? (Alice)

Star Wars (Nikkdisneylover8390 Style) and Star Wars (Produccion andlauz style) Played as Luke Skywalker

He is a Jedi

Avatar The Last Airbender Coolzdane Style Played as Aang

He is the Avatar

Avatar The Last Airbender Nuclearzoen Human Style Played as Sokka

The Outback's New Groove Played as Pacha

He is a Father & Kuzco's Friend

Jumanji (Superdisneyfan15 Style) Played as Alan Parrish

Buzz Hood Played as Skippy Rabbit

He is a rabbit

The Russians Down Under Played as Cody

He is a boy

The Princess and the Villian Played as Curdie

He is a son boy

Danny (Shrek) Played Artie

He is a boy who is to become king

The Hawkins King 2:Jim's Pride as Adult Kovu

He is a Lion

He Played Justin In The Secret of Nimh (AnimationMovies 411 Style)

He is a Rat

He Played John Rolfe In

He Played Tony In West Side Story (WartandAliceFan style)

He Played ???? In Sailor Alice

He Played Shingo/Sam In Sailor Sena and Sailor Sena (VIZ)

He Played Nerdy Guy In Sailor Wendy

He Played Hogarth Hughes in The Ultraman