Arwyn the dragon by jeanclaudejunior-daypmhx

Arwyn is a female dragon from Gerry and Friends' adventures in The Land Before time.

She is very gentle, friendly, peaceful, amicable and she loves to eat food, her belly being petted, her chest being petted and being ridden in the back until Kylo Ren enslaved her with his Mechaniser to destroy Gerry, his friends and Littlefoot's gang in order to stop them from carrying on going on their way to the Great Valley.

While their Majesties king Gerry, Queen Emily, Balto, Charlie B. Barkin and the Great alliance help LittleFoot and his friends to show their way to the great valley and then Arwyn shows up and breaths fire at the Great Alliance. The Great Alliance was fighting against the beast but Zelonius tells king Gerry and the great alliance that "This beast was once a friendly, gentle, peaceful and kind Dragon until Kylo Ren puts a mechaniser on the back and it must be destroyed until the beast will go back to her gentle and friendly nature". Doing what Zelonius said, Gerry hops into the back of the dragon's head and Balto and R2-D2 were lifted into the back by Zelonius, Balto transforms into a wolf-man and uses his blue crossed lightsaber to stab the mechaniser and R2 grabs it with his grabber and the dragon was back to normal. The dragon licks Gerry, Balto and R2-D2 to thank them. Gerry gives the friendly dragon a name called "Arwyn" and Gerry reveals that Arwyn is a female. Arwyn joins the great alliance to show the way to the great valley for LittleFoot and his friends.

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