Ashima is a brightly-coloured Indian engine in the Thomas & Friends special, The Great Race.

She Played Lady In Ashima And The BoCo And Ashima And The BoCo 2: Dumbo’s Adventure

She is a Cocker spaniel


Home: India

Train Built: Steamie

Appearance: Pink tank engine, black smokebox and boiler, grey face, white lining, dark blue buffer beam and wheels, several green, white and orange patterns, henna tattoos and pink headlamp

Personality: Friendly, beautiful, sweet, kind, nice, honest, well mannered, helpful,

Goal: To go to the Railway Show.

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Allies: Thomas, Percy, James, Emily, Henry, Gordon, Sir Topham Hatt, Annie and Clarabel, Rajiv, Gina, Frieda, Axel, Ivan, Yong Bao, Carlos, Raul, Étienne, Shane, Vinnie (formerly)

Enemies: Thomas (formerly), Vinnie,

Likes: Her home India, Thomas, shunting,

Dislikes: Vinnie, Thomas being cross and harsh on her, being lost, other engines not helping her find a way to the Great Railway Show, being ignored, danger

Voice Actress

  • Tina Desai



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