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Ashley Armbruster from Recess


Ashley A. is a spoiled, shallow, girly, beautiful, but mean nine-year-old rich girl. She is primarily interested in fashion and gossip. Ashley met the rest of the Ashleys one day when they were in kindergarten at a park where all their hats they have been wearing were blown off their heads and when they went to get them, they bumped into each other and introduced themselves, becoming best friends. Because they were all wearing purple that day, it became a tradition among the girls to all wear purple on the anniversary of the day they first met, thus calling it "purple day". Ashley A. was once kicked out of the clique for accidentally forgetting to wear purple, though returned at the end of the episode.

Despite being vain and stuck-up, she has shown to be nice on a few occasions. During the time where she was kicked out of the clique, she befriended Gretchen. On many other occasions, she has also sought help from T.J. and the gang, who she usually socially snubs. Also, there have been various hints that she genuinely desires to get Spinelli to become part of the Ashleys.

Ashley Armbruster played Amber in Lucy the First(Once Upon A Princess)

She is a princess

Ashley Armbruster will play Dora in Ashley the Explorer

She will play an explorer girl for someone else