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This charismatic mammal (Aonyx cinereus), equally at home in the water and on land, is the smallest of the world’s otters.  As well as its size, the Asian small-clawed otter can be distinguished from other otters by its small claws, after which it is named, and the incomplete webbing between digits.  These tiny claws, which do not protrude beyond the ends of the fingers, enhance the manual dexterity of this otter as it handles prey.  The Asian small-clawed otter typically has brown fur with a paler underside, although cream-coloured individuals have also been known.  The edges of the upper lip, chin, throat, sides of neck and face are generally greyish-white.  Like other otters, the Asian small-clawed otter has a small head, short legs and flattened tail, creating a streamlined silhouette that can move easily through the water.



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