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Astro Boy 1980.png

Astro Boy is the main protagonist of the whole franchise.

Voice Actors:

  1. Mari Shimizu - Japanese (1963/1980)
  2. Mary Lou Foster - English (1963; Pilot Only)
  3. Billie Lou Watt - English (1963)
  4. Patricia Kugler Whitely - English (1980; American)
  5. Steven Bednarski - English (1980; Canadian)
  6. Makoto Tsumara - Japanese (2003)
  7. Candi Milo - English (2003)
  8. Freddie Highmore - English (2009)
  9. Aya Ueto - Japanese (2009)

He plays Spike in My Little Anime: Friendship is Magic (BrittalCroftFan Style)

He is the faithful assistant of Reni.

He will play Usagi Tskuino/Sailor Moon in Sailor Astro (DIC), Sailor Atom (VIZ), Sailor Atom Crystal and Tetsuwan Atomu (Sera Myu).

He plays Young Simba in The Autobot King (1994).

He is a lion cub.

He plays Rudolph in Atom the Red-Nosed Robot (1964), Atom's Shiny New Year, and Atom and Modo's Christmas in July.

He plays Mowgli in The Mastiff Book version 2

He is a man-cub.

He plays Aladdin in Astroladdin, Astroladdin II: The Return of Captain Hook and Astroladdin III: The King of Thieves

He is a street rat.

He plays Casper in Astro Boy (Casper)

He's the friendliest ghost.

He plays Yao in Sakuralan and Sakuralan II

He is a soldier in the chinese army.

He plays Jake Long in American Robot: Toby Tenma/Astro Boy

He is a japanese boy.

He plays Kuzco (Human) in The Robot Boy's New Groove, The Robot Boy's New Groove 2: Flint's New Groove and The Robot Boy's New School

He is an emperor.

He plays Covi in Astro The Island Super All Stars

He plays Tony Stark/Iron Man in Avengers: Infinity War (Vinnytovar Style)

He plays Mega Man in Comic Combat Bros. (Super Smash Bros.)