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Athena is a female warrior, the daughter of Hercules and Hera, sister of Helena, niece of Hades and Aphrodite and granddaughter of Zeus and the main heroine of The Warrior Girl.


Athena wears a red armor, white loincloth, yellow belt, blue wristbands, boots, red cape (she sometimes wears a cape if she wants to)


Hercules - Father

Hera - Mother

Helena - Sister

Hades - Uncle

Aphrodite - Aunt

Zeus - Grandfather

Poseidon - Brother (Deceased)

Hermes - Uncle (Deceased)

Lightning - Horse


Flight - Athena has the ability to fly. She can carry others while flying (She can carry her sister Helena extended period at a time).

Levitation - Athena can lift herself off the ground and float. She can also use her flying ability during her levitation.

Wing Manifestation - Athena can sprout wings. She levitates in the air and sprouts wings. She can still fly when her wings disappear. She must take off her cape first.