One of the smaller species of shark, the largest recorded adult Atlantic weasel shark (Paragaleus pectoralis) measured only 138cm and weighed 11kg, which is believed to be their maximum size. Feeding primarily on cephalopods, including squid and octopuses, it display slow growth rates as well as late maturity in their lifespan. This shark is considered as a specialist feeder, preying on small bony fishes including soles and sardines in addition to cephalopods. Mating season for this species occurs from March to May, while offspring are released from May to June. These sharks are viviparous and give birth to live young which develop inside the parent’s body with a yolk-sac placenta. It gives birth to 1 to 4 pups per litter, averaging in 47cm in length. While males mature at 80cm in length, females may mature between 75cm and 90cm in length.


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