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NimbusKidsMovies' movie-spoof of 2001's Disney film Atlantis The Lost Empire


  • Milo James Thatch-Will (Everything's Rosie)
  • Milo James Thatch (Young)-Matt (My Big Big Friend)
  • Princess Kida (Adult)-Rosie (Everything's Rosie)
  • Princess Kida (Young)-Holly (Everything's Rosie)
  • Commander Rourke-King Koopa (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show)
  • Moliere-Doe (Ovide and the Gang)
  • Vinny-Captain Barnacles Bear (Octonauts)
  • Dr. Sweet-Foofur
  • Audrey-Tweezle Dee (Little Mouse on the Prairie)
  • Cookie-Dodger (Oliver and Company)
  • Mrs. Packard-Petrie's Mom (The Land Before Time Series)
  • Heiga-Mrs. Tweedy (Chicken Run)
  • King of Atlantis-Mr. Rusty (The Magic Roundabout)
  • Preston Whitmore-Bobo (Ovide and the Gang)
  • Mr. Harcourt-Hubie (The Pebble and the Penguin)
  • Queen of Atlantis-Carol (The Magic Roundabout)
  • Thaddeus Thatch (Milo's Grandfather)-Basil (The Magic Roundabout)
  • Milo's Cat-Goo (Monster Math Squad)
  • Leviathan-???


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