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Audrey is Ted's girlfriend from The Lorax. She is voiced by Taylor Swift.

Audrey plays Rosalina in Super Ted Wiggins Galaxy

She is a Princess

Audrey plays Princess Leia in Star Wars (Davidchannel Version)

Audrey plays SpongeBob in AudreyBob GirlPants

Audrey plays Sam Sparks in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (TongueSpeakingFool Style)

Audrey plays Sally in Toons (Cars) (StevenandFriends Style), Toons 2 (Cars 2) (StevenandFriends Style) and Toons 3 (Cars 3) (StevenandFriends Style)

She is a Blue Car and Lightning McQueen's Girlfriend

Audrey plays Erika in Pokémon (Alvinluvr30 Style)

She is a Celadon City gym-leader who specializes in grass-type Pokemon


  • Husband-Ted Wiggins
  • Brother in law-Lewis, Miles Callisto and Hiro Hamada
  • Sisters in law-Princess Oriana, Little Red Riding Hood and Riley Andersen
  • Parents in law-Bill and Jill Andersen