Audrey II


Audrey II (known as Audrey Junior in The Little Shop of Horrors and Junior in Little Shop) is a bloodthirsty man-eating venus flytrap and the main antagonist of Little Shop of Horrors.

Voice Actors

  • Charles B. Griffith (1960 film)
  • Ron Taylor (musical; debut)
  • Levi Stubbs (1986 film)
  • Michael-Leon Wooley (2003 Broadway Revival)

Audrey II will play Monstro in Caspernocchio

It is a huge whale and the last antagonist

It is a gambler and the main antagonist

Audrey II will play Scar in future parodies/spoofs of The Lion King franchise

It is Mufasa's brother, and the main antagonist

Audrey II plays Beast in Beauty and the Plant, and will reprise the role in Beauty and the Plant: The Enchanted Christmas

It is the main male protagonist

It is a snowman and the guardian of Elsa's palace

He is Rothbart's final battle form

Audrey II will play the Tree in The Last Cat (Broadwaygirl918 Style)

It is a tree who comes to life when Schmendrick casts a spell on her

It is a koala

Audrey II will play Tamatoa in Eep (Moana)

It is a giant coconut crab and the secondary antagonist

Audrey II will play Cyclops in Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible (Hercules)

It is a monster

It is James's biggest fear

It is the Evil Queen's slave

Audrey II will play Dorian Tyrell (Mask) in The Mask (EJL423 Style)

It is Dorian Tyrell wearing the mask



  • Though Audrey II takes over the world in the alternate ending in the musical and director's cut, it dies in the theatrical version.
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