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Avalon the Druid aspires to continue her Druid training while she seeks revenge on the Goblin clan that ambushed her brethren. With the ability to shape-shift into a wisp, this swift Druid converts her foes' energy into defensive fauna and deadly energy bursts.

Avalon was a quiet girl raised in a remote village near the swampland border of Paik. S he had a passion for the outdoors, foraging adn caring for the local critters. But as a teen, she began hearing mysterious whispers; voices that would one day set her on a path of great destiny. One fateful evening, Avalon was on a hike and strayed to the forbidden border where she happened upon a rogue group of goblins. As the creatures gave chase, voices guided her to a secret cave within a massive tree. Surprisingly, the tree's limbs sealed the entrance and locked out the goblins!

Voices led Avalon to a majestic wellspring filled with magic wisps, earthly minerals, and tiny critters. Several figures emerged out of the surroundings; shape-shifting from wisps, plants, and animals into Elder Druids. The Elders guided Avalon to "commune" with the wellspring, and as a result, her inherent Druid powers revealed themselves! She returned to the entrance where the goblins waited in ambush. With her new found skills, Avalon subdued and defeated the group.

The following years saw Avalon honing her skills at the Druid Sanctuary. Then, on a particularly cold winter day, the location of the Sanctuary was compromised by a goblin horde. Although the Druids suffered some losses, Avalon was instrumental to repelling the onslaught. This act solidified Avalon's potential to Spark and she was anointed a Champion!


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