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Baby is a tuffle and the first antagonist of DragonBall GT anime

Baby played Jafar in Tuffladdin, Tuffladdin: The Return of Baby

He is a sorcerer

Baby played Maleficent in Sleeping Red Kirby

He is a sorceress

Baby played Hades in Millicules

He is a god of the underworld

Baby played Frollo in The HunchUmizoomi of Umi City

He is a judge

Baby played BurgerBeard in The SunBob Movie: Girl In Space

he is a pirate

Baby played Hydros in Sunsetcules

Baby played Rothbart in The Charizard Princess, The Charizard Princess 2, The Charizard Princess 3

Baby played Dragon Marissa in Enchanted (Sunset ShimmerRockz)

Baby played Queen (Witch) in Rintoo White and the Seven Girls

Baby played King Sombra in My Little Animal: Friendship is Power

Baby (With Bowser, Black Jewel, Sectonia, Shao Kahn and King Sombra played Ruber in The Quest to Outer Space

Baby (With Lord Hater, Marx Soul, Black Jewel, Bowser, Venom and Ganondorf played Edgar in The AristoEquestria Girls