Baby Kermit (Aladdin) is ElmotheMuppetRockz's upcoming muppet spoof of Aladdin.


For so far, only a few muppets have been announced

  • Baby Kermit (Muppet Babies) - Aladdin
  • Baby Piggy (Muppet Babies) - Princess Jasmine
  • Elmo (Sesame Street) - Geine
  • Benny Rabbit (Sesame Street) - Abu
  • Baby Gonzo (Muppet Babies) - The Sultan
  • Foduck (Theodore Tugboat) - Iago
  • Big Bird (Sesame Street) - Razoul
  • Red Claw (The Land Before Time) - Jafar
  • Wave Monster (An American Tail) - Snake Jafar
  • Ice Beast (Atlantis II: Milo's Return) - Genie Jafar
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