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The Bad Apple is LarryBoy's archnemesis and the main antagonist who only appears in LarryBoy and the Bad Apple

She played Frollo in The HunchGirl of Dimmsdale

She played Thrax in Dawn Jones

She played Scar in The Alien Queen

She played Diesel 10 in Dawn and the Magic Street, Dawn & Friends: Calling All Charachers!, Dawn & Friends: Misty Valley Rescue, & Dawn & Friends: Day of the Villains

She played Ursula in The Little MerKid

She played Gingerbread Witch in Marina And Kion

She played Ratigan in The Great Mommy Detective

She played Gaston in Beauty and the Hirudegarn

She played Merlock in MommyTales Treasure of the Lost Cup

She played Oogie Boogie in The Moonlight Before Christmas

She played Clayton in Moon Girl (Tarzan)

She played Evil Queen (Hag) in Moon Girl and the Seven Equestria Girls

She played Maleficent in Sleeping Handsome

She played Ursula as Vanessa in The Little Rapier Boy

She played Drake in The Pebble and the Mommy

She played Sarco in DragonBall Time

She played Ludmilla (Dragon) in Allison Belle the Great

She played Jafar in Moonladdin

She played Mother Gothel in Tangled (Super Female)

She played Genie Jafar in Erikaladdin

She played Witch Doctor in Junior Asparagus Doo Where Are You?

She played Zira in The Guppy King: Gil's Pride

She played Tzekel-Kan in The Road to Equestria

She played Rasputin in Pajama Samstasia

She played Sunset Shimmer in My Little Disney: Equestria Kids (Luke18 and WillaimLaster Styles)

She played Eris in Edward the Blue Engine: Legend of the Seven Seas