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Bagheera (Hindi: बघीरा; Urdu: بگیڑہ‎ Baghīrā/Bagīdah) is a fictional character in Rudyard Kipling's Mowgli stories in The Jungle Book (coll. 1894) and The Second Jungle Book (coll. 1895). He is a black panther (melanistic Indian leopard) who serves as friend, protector and mentor to the "man-cub" Mowgli. The word bagheera is Hindi/Urdu for black panther, although the root word bagh means tiger.

Bagheera played Winston in Alpha & Omega (PrinceBalto Style)

He is a wolf

Bagheera played Han Solo in Star Wars (TheBeckster1000 Style)

He is a smuggler

Bagheera Played Sykes in Human Tale (CoolZDane Human Style)

He Is A Fish Slayer

Bagheera played General Rogard in The Iron Berk

He is a general

Bagheera played Tenzin in The Legend Of Kate

He is a Airbender

Bagheera played Grumpy in Wendy White and the Seven Animals

He is a dwarf

Bagheera played The Unmasked Darth Vader in Star Wars Saga (Michaelsar12isback Style)

He is an Ex-Sith Lord

Bagheera played Fred in Big Hero 6 (TheBluesRockz Style)

Bagheera played J.R. in Wild West: The Cowcats Of Meow Mesa

He is a bison

Bagheera played Elephant Abu in Jackladdin Sparrow

He is a Elephant

Bagheera played Doc in Selena White and the Seven Toons

He is a dwarf

Bagheera played The Sultan in Dannyladdin, Dannyladdin 2: The Return of Shere Khan, and Dannyladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is a sultan

Bagheera played Adventure in The Pagemaster (CoolZDane Style)

He is a book

Bagheera played Vitaly in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (HappyEnding912 Style)

He is a Russian tiger

Bagheera played Mr. Grasshopper in Wart and the Giant Peach

He is an anthropomorphic grasshopper

Bagheera plays Brock in Pokemon (IlluminationEntertainmentandandBlueSkyStudios Animal Style)

He is a Gym Leader

Bagheera played Tom in Baloo & Yogi Rescue Rangers

He is a robot cat

Bagheera played Knuckles in the Balto the Wolf Dog (Sonic the Hedgehog) Series

He is a Echidna

Bagheera played Mufasa in The Tigger King and The Bear King

He is a lion

Bagheera played the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz (CoolZDane Style)

He is a tin man

Bagheera played Elliot the Dragon in Mac's Panther

He is a Dragon.

Bagheera played Charlie in All Animals Go to Heaven (CoolZDane Version)

He is a dog

Bagheera played King Gator in Dumbo and Simba in "All Animals Go To Heaven"

He is a alligator

Bagheera played Aladdin in Bagheeraladdin

He is a street rat

Bagheera played Gunther Gibson in Danny and Bagheera

He is Jason Johnston's stepbrother

Bagheera played Grimsby in The Little Mer-Lioness, The Little Mer-Lioness II: Return to the Sea, and The Little Whale Shark

He is a servant

Bagheera played Cassim in Tiggerladdin 3 and The King Of Thieves

He is a thief

Bagheera played George Darling in Kermit Pan

He is a father

Bagheera played Kocoum in Duchhontas, Wendyhontas

He is an Indian

Bagheera played Tom in Bagheera and Mort: The Movie

He is a gray cat

Bagheera played Squidward in Danny the Cat (SpongeBob SquarePants), The Blu the Macaw and Alex the Lion Movie, and The DannyBob CatPants Movie

He is a cephalopod

Bagheera played King Hubert in The Sleeping Vixen

He is a king

Bagheera Played In Jumanji (Michaelsar12isback Version)

Bagheera played King Triton in The Little Mer-Tigress

He is a sea king

Bagheera played the Carpenter in Destiny in Wonderland

He is a carpenter

Bagheera played Professor Porter in Dannyarzan

He is a professor

Bagheera played Zozi in Cheezi and Chungu the Magnificents (1999)

He is a grizzly bear

Bagheera played Razoul in Orinoladdin, Orinoladdin 2: The_Return of Baron Greenback and Orinoladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is a guard

Bagheera played Sarge in Children Story, Children Story 2 and Children Story 3

He is a toy

Bagheera played the Emperor in Nala (Mulan)

He is an emperor

Bagheera played Timon in The Wolf King

He is a meerkat

Bagheera played Happy in Jane White and the Seven Characters

He is a dwarf

Bagheera played Peter Pan in Bagheera Pan

He is a fly boy

Bagheera played the Cheshire Cat in Vanessa in Wonderland and Kimiko In Wonderland

He is a cat

Bagheera played Edward Darling in Tigger Pan 2: Return to Neverland

He is a man

Bagheera played Tip in The Little Arabian Princess 2: Return to the Sea

He is a penguin

Bagheera played Master Pakku in Avatar The Last Airbender NuclearZeon Animal Style

He is a waterbending master

Bagheera played Lucifer in Isabellarella

He is a cat

Bagheera played Prince Zuko in Avatar The Last Airbender Animal Style

He is a Fire Nation prince

Bagheera played Sylvester the Cat in Space Jam (CoolZDane Style) and Looney Tunes Back in Action (CoolZDane Style)

He is a cat

Bagheera played Jetsam in The Little Florist

He is an eel

Bagheera played Carl Bentley In Jumanji (nikkdisneylover8390's animal style)

He is a officer

Bagheera Played Kerchak In Simbarzan

He is a Gorilla

Bagheera Played Buzz Lightyear In Mammal Story 1Mammal Story 2 and Mammal Story 3

Bagheera Played Gill In Finding Tails

He is an Angelfish

Bagheera Played Caterpillar in Sawyer in Wonderland

Bagheera Played Batman in The LEGO Movie (CoolZDane Animal Style)

Bagheera Played Antelope in Canal Famille Planet

He is an Antelope

Bagheera Played Grimsby in The Little Mer-Lioness and The Little Whale Shark

Bagheera Played King Nod in The Dog and the Cat

Bagheera Played Puss n Boots in Danny (Shrek)

He Is A Cat

Bagheera Played Rex in Character Story (PierrickCanalFamille)

Bagheera Played Earthworm in Taran and the Giant Peach

Bagheera will play Rajah in Khumbaladdin, Kronkladdin, and Jeremyladdin

He will be a tiger

Bagheera played Doctor Elliot Baker in Mighty Werehog Young

Bagheera played Lobot in Animation Star Wars

He is the Cloud City owner

Bagheera played Tick-Tock Crocodile in Taran Pan

He is a crocodile

Bagheera played Scuttle in The Little Frog

He is a seagull

Bagheera played Pegasus in Tylercules

He is a winged horse

Bagheera played Kareem Abdul Lavash in Sausage Party (Light and Darkness style)

He will be a Lavash

Bagheera Played Lando Calrissian in Star Wars (Jean-Claude style)

Bagheera Played Seamus Finnegan in Gerry Flowertop (Harry Potter) Saga

Bagheera played The March Hare in Lily in Wonderland (1951)

He is a hare

Bagheera played Fowler in Feline Run

He will be a old rooster

Bagheera played Fat Crow in Blue (Dumbo)

Bagheera played Nash in The Good Fox (AnimatedFan195 Style)

He is a Tyrannosaurus

Bagheera Played Andrew/Tuxedo Mask or Darien In Sailor Tigress

He is Sailor Moon's Helper and Boyfriend

Bagheera Played Sir Ector in The Sword In the Stone (Jean-Claude Style)

He is Wart's adopted father

Bagheera Played Catty in Tanya Mousekewitz (Dumbo)

He is a Elephant

Bagheera Played Harold in SimbaBob LionPants

He is a blue fish with pink spotts

Bagheera Played Puss in Boots in James P. Sullivan 2 (Shrek 2), James P. Sullivan the Third and James P. Sullivan Forever After

He is a cat