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Bahiyya is a white Ursinthere from the Al-Rashidan empire that participated the Band of the Bear.

She is very friendly, gentle, kind and peaceful. 

Bahiyya loves being petted (at the back, head, her belly mostly, her neck and chest), being ridden on her back and her Belly being rubbed, petted and slept at, according to Èowynian belief, petting and sleeping against the Belly of an Ursinthere brings good luck and love to anyone.

She has a great appetite (Vegetables, cooked meat, fruits, bread...) and she has a great affection for having a bath, visiting places, dogs (Like Balto) and peace and like a dog, she loves licking hands and cheeks.

When Gerry visited the Al-Rashidan empire, he looked after Bahiyya by putting the beauty soap on her head, her arms, her legs, her back (Which she likes the most), her neck, her chest and most of all her belly (Which she loves the most) and he did the same thing with Maggie.

In the night, at the Imperial lounge where Human, non-human and beast can relax, watch and listening to music by the Musicians from Hanjeol to celebrate the friendship between the Empire and Hanjeol, Bahiyya developed a strong friendship with Gerry and Maggie. 

She is now one of Gerry's best friends because of her strong relationship and great desire of him because he rubbed her belly (He also slept on it and he petted it) and she is a new Caravan.