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Bailey finding dory.jpg

Bailey is a beluga whale from Finding Dory.

Bailey played Numbuh 84 in Codename: Animals Next Door

He's a KND Operative

Bailey played Chuck in Jellyfish form in Help! I'm A Sea Creature

He's a boy that turned into a fish

Bailey played Mr. Krabs in WillyBob WhalePants

He's a crab

Bailey played Robin Hood in Bailey Hood

He is a fox

Bailey played Aladdin in Baileyladdin

He is an Arabian prince

Bailey played Hercules in Baileycules

He is a god

Bailey played Prince Florian in Destiny White and the Seven Mammals

He is a prince

Bailey played Danny in Ocean Animals Don't Dance

He is an orange cat

Bailey played Pongo in 101 Fishes

He is a Dalmatian

Bailey played Prince Eric in The Little Whale Shark

He is a prince

Bailey played Peter Pan in Bailey Pan

He is a boy

Bailey played Shrek in Bailey (Shrek)

He is an ogre