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Banjo the Woodpile Cat

Banjo the Woodpile Cat is a character and stage, on-screen, and voice actor.

Banjo plays Luke Skywalker in Star Wars (Moviemagic8011 Style)

He is a Jedi

Banjo plays Tyke in Francis and Pipkin

Banjo played Taran In The Black Cauldorn SuperWhyMovie Style

he is an Knight

Banjo played Louis in The Princess and the Rabbit

he is an alligator

Banjo played Oliver in Banjo the Woodpile Cat & Company

He is a kitten

Banjo played Timon in The Pound Boy King

he is a meerkat

Banjo Played Roo in The Many Adventures of Dodger the Dog

he is a stuffed kangaroo joey

He plays Balloon Boy in the Five Nights at Baloo's Series

Banjo Played Abu in Mcgeeladdin

he is a monkey

He plays Toby in Matey (Rayman) (Thomas O'Malley's Style)

He is Rayman's guide.

He plays Marty in Madagascar (TheWildAnimal13 Style), Madagascar (TheWildAnimal13 Style): Escape 2 Africa, and Madagascar (TheWildAnimal13 Style) 3: Europe's Most Wanted

He is a zebra

He Plays Young Simba in The Tiger King Trilogy

He is a Lion Cub

He Plays Dumbo in Banjo (Dumbo)


In Augustus Gloop the Woodpile Boy he is played by Augustus Gloop