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Baron Silas Greenback is the main antagonist in the TV series Danger Mouse.


Orinoladdin and Orinoladdin 2: The Return of Baron Greenback He played as Jafar

Dumbo Hood He played Prince John

How the Henry's Cat Stole Christmas (2000) He played as Mayor Augustus May Who

Wreck-It Muzzy He played as King Candy

Peter Pan (Nikkdisneylover8390 Style) He teamed up with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee as their pet talking toad

Meet the Feebles (Disney and Sega Animal Style) He played as Bletch

The Nut Job (Disney and Sega Style) He played as Raccoon

Orinoco and Paddington He played as Ritchard Kingswald

Sniffles' Warthog He played as Dr. Terminus

The Big Friendly Kangaroo He played as The Fleshlumpeater

Orinoco Pan and Fox Orinoco Pan and the Human Villains Movies and Shows He played as the Indian Chief

The Great Womble Detective He played as Professor Ratigan

The Children Book and The Children Book 2 He played as Shere Khan

The Prince and the Pauper (Disney and Sega Style), A Kenai Movie, An Extremely Kenai Movie, Conker's Christmas Carol, Conker, King Louie and Kenai in The Three Musketeers and Runaway Brain (Disney and Sega Animal Style) He played as Peter Pete

Baloo & Yogi Rescue Rangers He played as Wart

Orinoco Hood He played as The Tournament Crocodile

Link and the Giant Peach He played as Rhinoceros

The Road to El Dorado (Disney and Sega Animal Style) He played as Cortes

Bettylina, Bettylina 2: The Magic Dreams and Bettylina 3: A Curse of Time He played as Grundel the Toad

Nellie White and the Seven Childrens He played as Magic Mirror

Frozen (Disney and Sega Animal Style) He played as The Duke of Weselton

Orinoco Ventura When Nature Calls He played as Vincent Cadby

Quest for Camelot (Disney and Sega Animal Style) He played as Ruber

The Incredibles (Disney and Sega Animal Style) He played as Syndrome

Charlieton He played as Mr. Curry

Harlem Nights (Disney and Sega Animal Style) He played as Bugsy Calhoune

Soar (Disney and Sega Style) He played as Buzzard

Animaniacs (Disney and Sega Animal Style), Wellington's Wish (aka Wakko's Wish), Stiletto, Wendy and the Baron Greenback and Stiletto and the Baron Greenback He played as Brain

Pulp Fiction (Disney and Sega Animal Style) He played as Butch Coolidge

Mighty Mouse King Country He played as King K. Rool

Orinoco Little (Stuart Little) He played as Smokey

Kermicules He played as Nessus

Orinoco Powers: International Womble of Mystery and Orinoco Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me He played as Number Two

Tangled (Disney and Sega Animal Style) He played as Hook-Hand Thug

Kipper Hood He played as Prince John

Kipper Pan He played as Captain Hook

Jake 2 (Shrek) 2 and Jake the Third He played as Prince Charming

Big Bear and Cornelius He played as Preston

Kipper and SpongeBob: The Curse of the Were-Charizard He played as Victor Quartermaine

All Star Run He played as Mr. Tweedy

The Pebble and the Dog He played as Drake

Orinoarzan He played as Clayton

The Horstachio of Notre Dame He played as Judge Claude Frollo

Pearlhontas and Pearlhontas 2: Journey to a New World He played as Governor Ratcliffe

The Princess and the Womble He played as Dr. Facilier

Beauty and the Pink Panther He played as Gaston

Pearlstasia He played as Rasputin

Alvin-Tikki-Tavi He played as Karait

Space Jam (Disney and Sega Style) He played as Pound (Orange Monstar)

Atomic Zelda He played as Maximus I.Q.

A Children's Life He played as Thud the Fly Brother

The Little Mer-Pureheart 2: Return to the Sea He played as Undertow (Regular Size)

All Childrens Go to Heaven and All Childrens Go to Heaven 2 He played as Carface

Children Story 3 He played as Lots-O-Huggin' Bear

All-Stars Inc. He played as Mr. Waternoose

All-Star Story 2 He played as Emperor Zurg

Bongocules He played as Hades

Horace and Company He played as Sykes

Orinoco Jones He played as Thrax

Chencallor Palpatine/Darth Sidious Star Wars (BattleInfoPeace Style)

He is Sith Je Lor

He Played Darth Maul In Star Wars (Disney and Sega Style)

He Played Lord Darkar in Winx Club (Disney and Sega Animal Style)