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  • He plays Hayabusa the falcon in Gialan 


  • In Finding Lucas the spider he is Voiced by Carnotaurus (Dinosaur) 
  • In Finding Nemo (Land animal style) he is Voiced by Jaguar (Panthera Onca) 
  • In Finding Alvin (J.B. Eagle style) he is voiced by Mordu (Brave) 
  • In Finding Nemo (Land animal style) (Version 2) he is voiced by Nanotyrannus lancensis 
  • In Finding Nemo (Land animal style) (Version 3) he is voiced by Wolverine 
  • In Finding Tim Templeton he is voiced by Carnotaurus (Dinosaur) 
  • In Finding Tails (Andrewscholte14 Version) he is voiced by Carnotaurus (DInosaur) 


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