"Bart Hood" (Robin Hood) is JamesimusPrime2798's Movie Spoof and Movie Parody of "Robin Hood (1973)".


Cast Bart Simpson as Robin Hood (both are young, clever, sneaky and cool)

Henry the Green Engine as Little John (both wear Green and both are clumsy)

Darcy as Maid Marian (both are girlfriends to Bart and Robin)

Sideshow Bob as Prince John (both are enemies to Bart & Robin)

Lil' Lightning as Sir Hiss (both are cocky, pompously and rude)

Edward the Blue Engine as Frair Tuck (both are old and wise)

Captain Hook as the Sheriff of Nottingham (both are good at hunting)

Doc Hudson as Alan-A-Dale (both old)

Emily the Emerald Engine as Lady Kluck

Horace and Jasper as Nutsy and Trigger (All 4 were bad at first then later became good)

Lightning McQueen as Otto

Patch as Skippy Rabbit (both are small, funny and kind)

Penny as Sis Rabbit (both are sister to Patch and Skippy)

Rolly as Tagalong Rabbit (both are brothers to Patch & Penny, Skippy and Sis)

Perdita as Mother Rabbit (both are Mothers to Patch, Penny & Rolly, Skippy, Sis & Tagalong)

Toby the Tram Engine as Toby Turtle (both have the same name and both are slow)

Tick-Tock Crocodile as Tournament Crocodile

Sonic the Hedgehog as Sexton Mouse

Amy Rose as Little Sister Mouse

Principal Skinner/Armin Tamzarian as King Richard


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