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Bartholomew JoJo "Bart" Simpson (born April 1, 1979) (originally planned to be Mort Simpson), also known as "El Barto," "The boy" (Homer Simpson), and "Bartman", is the mischievous, rebellious, misunderstood and "potentially dangerous" eldest child of Homer and Marge Simpson, and the older brother of Lisa and Maggie. He also has been nicknamed Cosmo, after discovering a comet in "Bart's Comet". Bart's also been on the cover on numerous comics, such as "Critical Hit", "Simpsons Treasure Trove #11" and "Winter Wingding". Bart also has a whole comic series known as the Simpson Comics Presents Bart Simpson. Bart is loosely based on Matt Groening and his older brother, Mark. He is known by various catchphrases such as "I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?", "Ow! Quit it!", "Eat my shorts!", "Don't have a cow, man!", "Aye Carumba!" and "I didn't do it!"


  • Love interests: Laura Powers, Jessica Lovejoy, Jenny, Greta Wolfecastle, Mary Spuckler, Sarah, Becky, Sherri & Terri, Nikki McKenna, Darcy, Gina Vendetti, Caroline Berrera,

He played Harry Potter in Bart Simpson (Harry Potter series)

He is the boy who lived

he played Peter Pan in Bart Simpson Pan, Bart Pan and Bart Pan: Return to Neverland

He is the boy who never grows up

He played John Darling in Sonic Pan and Bo Duke (Peter Pan)

He is Wendy's brother

He played Pinocchio in Bart Simpsonocchio

He is a wooden puppet

He played Young Simba in The Simpson King

He is a lion cub

He played Abu in Homerladdin

He is Aladdin's pet monkey

He played Timothy Q. Mouse in Michael (Dumbo)

He is a mouse

He played Cymbal-banging Monkey in Canal Famille Story 3

He is a toy monkey who bangs cymbals

He was one of the Sea World Kids in AnchorVampire 2:The Legend Continues

He is a kid who visits Sea World

He played Duncan in Woody & Friends (Thomas & Friends)

a Yellow Narrow Gauge

He played Pow in Canimals (RockoRules2008 Style)

He is a Zap Owl

He played Cody Newton in Bernard's Great Adventure

He is a boy

He played Wybie Lovat in Taya (Coraline)

He is a nervous boy

He played Jimmy Neutron in Bart Simpson: Boy Genius and The Adventures of Bart Simpson: Boy Genius

He is a boy genius

He Played Bashful in Vanellope White and the Seven Cartoons

He Played Gromit in Homer and Bart (Wallace & Gromit)

He Played Duke The Dog In Barnyard/Character

Bart Plays Ryder in Paw Patrol

he played dumbo in Bart Simpson (dumbo)

He is an elephant with big ears

he played Lightning McQueen in Characters (Cars)

He is a Hot-shot Rookie Piston Cup Racer

He played Dirk Calloway in Sugar Rushmore

He played Timon in The Forest King (The Lion King)

He is a meerkat

He played Greg in The Wiggles Movie (John Clancy's Style)

He is the lead singer of the Australian music group called The Wiggles

He played Barry B. Benson in Simpson Movie (Bee Movie)

He is the bee