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The bat-eared fox (Otocyon megalotis) is so called due to its distinctive, bat-wing-shaped ears, which can grow up to 14 centimetres in length.  In fact, the species name ‘megalotis’ comes from the Greek words ‘mega’ and ‘otus’ meaning ‘large eared’. The ears are important in many aspects of the bat-eared fox’s life, from communication to finding food. Fur colour can range from pale yellow to a deep honey colour, depending on where the individual is found and how old it is. The muzzle of the bat-eared fox is greyish-black on top with paler sides. Its muzzle is larger than that of other fox species. The bat-eared fox has highly pointed teeth, which enables it to rapidly chew its preferred insect food items efficiently, to aid digestion.




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