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Bear's Big Surprise! was Bear's first national stage show tour and his third stage show overall (following Bear in Concert, and Bear Live! In New York City).


It is Franklin's seventh birthday and everybody is getting ready for his birthday party. Franklin really wants a red scooter with bells and a horn. The day leads to pretending to fly in an airplane, showing off the treehouse and even flying kites. When Bear gets a phone call from Three, he takes Franklin and Emily Elizabeth to see his new toy factory. Three shows off his new inventions and plans to take the Bear mobile to carry his large surprise. Bear and the other cats, on the other hand, are told they will fly back in a hot air balloon that Three helps them design. Flying through the clouds, they meet four ducks soaring through the skies. As soon as the three cats return to the treehouse, the party begins. Dorothy the Dinosaur stops by for the party and to catch her dinosaur Peek, who has ran off. She also introduces herself and shares some rhymes with everyone, while they're acted out by puppets and by the other friends. She then welcomes King Juan el Bobo, who enters through the aisle and really makes it a party. After the king leaves, Three comes back and brings his surprise, which isn't a red scooter to Franklin's surprise because he's not giving it to him. Instead, It turns out that Bear and Emily Elizabeth got him the scooter actually and Three reveals his inflatable cake surprise (also known as the "Spectacular Spontanious Perfect Party Pastry Provider"). With the help of the audience, the candles are blown out and Franklin is thankful for his party.


  • Bear & Friends Theme Song
  • If You're Happy and You Know it
  • Welcome to Our Treehouse
  • The Emily Elizabeth Hop
  • Happy Birthday to Me
  • The Airplane Song
  • The Kite Song
  • Car Medley
  • Mr. Knickerbocker
  • Three's Song
  • We are Little Robots
  • The Rainbow Song
  • Hey Look at Us, We Can Fly
  • Four Little Ducks (tune to Six Little Ducks)
  • Happy Birthday to Me (Reprise)
  • If All the Raindrops
  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  • I'm Dorothy the Dinosaur
  • Nursery Rhyme Medley
  • King Juan el Bobo
  • Happy Birthday to You
  • Happy Birthday to You (Reprise)
  • I Love You


  • This stage show marks the final appearances of Three and Peek, as well as the only time the former appears with Dorothy the Dinosaur. This is also the first time Dorothy the Dinosaur appears with Emily Elizabeth and Franklin the Turtle.