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Bear Songs is a Bear Clip Show that was released on November 7, 2021. It features clips from Season 3 episodes.


  • Barney - Bear (Bear in the Big Blue House)
  • Baby Bop - Emily Elizabeth (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
  • BJ - Franklin the Turtle (Franklin)
  • Min - Wanda (The Magic School Bus)
  • Tosha - Keesha (The Magic School Bus)
  • Jason - Agent Oscar (Odd Squad)
  • Shawn - Arnold (The Magic School Bus)
  • Kathy - Dorothy Ann (The Magic School Bus)
  • Juan - Daniel Cook
  • Carlos - Carlos (The Magic School Bus)
  • Julie - Agent Olympia (Odd Squad)
  • Kenneth - Ryan (Ryan's Mystery Playdate)


Join Bear as he leads the viewers into fun songs from Season 3 episodes.


  1. Bear & Friends Theme Song
  2. Look Through the Window (Scene Taken from: "Room for Everyone")
  3. Growing (Scene Taken from: "Arnold & the Beanstalk")
  4. Alphabet Soup! (Scene Taken from: "Room for Everyone")
  5. Brushing My Teeth (Scene Taken from: "Room for Everyone")
  6. Indoor and Outdoor Voices (Scene Taken from: "Room for Everyone")
  7. Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-Dee-Ay (Scene Taken from: "Shopping for a Surprise!")
  8. Happy Dancin' (Scene Taken from: "If the Shoe Fits...")
  9. Who Took the Cookies? (Scene Taken from: "Any Way You Slice It")
  10. Make the Bread (Scene Taken from: "Any Way You Slice It")
  11. Pumpernickel (Scene Taken from: "Any Way You Slice It")
  12. The Friendship Song (Scene Taken from: "On the Move")
  13. I Like Autumn (Scene Taken from: "On the Move")
  14. Please and Thank You (Scene Taken from: "Classical Cleanup")
  15. Taking Turns (Scene Taken from: "Gone Fishing!")
  16. The Raindrop Song (Scene Taken from: "Arnold & the Beanstalk")
  17. Scary Stories (Scene Taken from: "It's Raining, It's Pouring...")
  18. A Silly Hat (Scene Taken from: "Classical Cleanup")
  19. Have a Snack! (Scene Taken from: "Who's Who on the Choo-Choo?")
  20. Jungle Adventure (Safari Version) (Scene Taken from: "Camera Safari")
  21. Here, Kitty Kitty (Scene Taken from: "Camera Safari")
  22. The Marching Song (Scene Taken from: "Who's Who on the Choo-Choo?")
  23. Bear's Sailing Songs on a Boat (Scene Taken from: "Gone Fishing!")
  24. Little Red Caboose (Scene Taken from: "Who's Who on the Choo-Choo?")
  25. The Airplane Song (Scene Taken from: "Up We Go!")
  26. Bear's Car Songs (Scene Taken from: "Are We There Yet?")
  27. Hey, Look at Me! I Can Fly! (Scene Taken from: "Up We Go!")
  28. I Love You (Scene Taken from: "Arnold & the Beanstalk")


A sequel titled, More Bear Songs was released. Another sequel titled, Bear Songs From the Park was also released.



  • This video marked:
    • The current Bear Home Video logo is used.
    • The first time where the Bear Theme Song is re-edited for a home video.
    • The first video to have Joe Phillips as a musical director.
    • The third time Bear isn't seen coming to life. Instead, he is seen finishing the song, "And the Green Grass Grows All Around" while he's going up the tree house.
    • Another time where Bear doesn't turn to a plush at the end. Instead, he is seen leaving the treehouse.
  • After this, Jim Rowley took a hiatus from directing episodes/home videos, until the Season 5 episode "Circle of Friends".
  • Bear is the only cast member to appear in the new content of this video.
  • When this video was released on DVD, it was closed captioned by Caption Technologies, Inc.