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The Beast is the male character of Beauty and the Beast.

Voice Actors:

  1. Robby Benson - English
  2. Koichi Yamadera - Japanese
  3. Arturo Mercado - Spanish

The Beast played Scud in Animated Children Animal Story (SlimandRosieFan360 Version)

He is a Dog

The Beast played Mufasa in The Australian King, The Australian King 2: Cody's Pride, and The Australian King 1 1/2

He is a lion

Beast played Cliegg Lars in Star Wars (170 Movies Style)

Beast played Tom "Slime" Toomey in Deadly Friend (PaddingtonandFernRockz Style)

He is Paul Conway's best friend

Beast played Ranjan's Father in The Children Book 2

Beast played Vector the Crocodile in Dumbo X (AKA Sonic X)

Beast played Gordon the Big Engine in Dumbo the Blue Elephant & Friends

Beast played Zuba the Lion in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (Disney and Sega Animal Style)

Beast played Tom in All Childrens Go to Heaven 2

Beast played Edmond's Father in Rock-a-Orinoco

Beast played Bill in Help! I'm a Children

Beast played Chewbacca in Star Wars (Mistercartoonmovie Style), Rabbit Wars, Human Wars and Star Wars (Princess Rapunzel Style)

He is a wookiee

Beast played Tucker's Dad in Homeward Bound 2 Lost in the City (NimbusKidsMovies Version)

Beast played Homer Zuckerman in Maid's Forest (aka Charlotte's Web)

Beast played King William in The Mouse Princess (Disney and Sega Style)

Beast played Batman in The Mammal Movie

Beast played Baloo in The Castle Book

Beast played the Great Owl in The Secret of NIMH (CityMaker Human Style) and The Secret of NIMH (CoolZDane Animal Style)

Beast played the Ghost of Christmas Past in Trent's Christmas Carol

Beast played the Iron Giant in The Iron Beast

Beast played Simba in The Beast King

He is a lion

Beast played Shrek in Beast (Shrek)

He is an ogre

Beast played William in Titanic: The Legend Goes On (Disney and Sega Style)

Beast played Darth Vader in Star Wars (Nikkdisneylover8390 Style) and The Cartoon Wars

He is a Sith Lord

Beast played The Unmasked Darth Vader in Star Wars (Oriana160 Style)

He is an Ex-Sith Lord

Beast played King Hubert in Sleeping Beauty (BlossomxHogarth Huges Style)

Beast played Alan in A Horstachio in Central Park

Beast played Nemo's Parents in Little Jamie: Adventures in Slumberland

Beast played King in Tangled (Disney and Sega Human Style)

Beast King of of Arendelle in Frozen (Disney and Sega Human Style)

Beast played Dr. David Q. Dawson in The Great Aardvark Detective

He is a mouse

Beast played Tantor in Dimitrizan

He is an elephant

Beast played King in Tekken 2 (Dragon Rockz Style)

==Beast played Ignitus in The Legend of Wart/Arthur Trilogy He is a cat

Beast played Tick-Tock Crocodile in Lawrence Pan

He is a crocodile

Beast played The Cave of Wonders in Kaaladdin

He is a cave

Beast played The Great Prince in Wartambi

He is a Deer

Beast played The Fiddler in Beast on the Roof

He is a Fiddler

Beast played SkyTrain Mark I #110

He is a playable with Nicole Desaulniers

Beast played SkyTrain Mark I #126

He is a crows nest

Beast played SkyTrain Mark I #141

He is a non-playable

Beast played Don-Lino in Beast Tale

He is the leader of the shark clan and the father of Lenny and Frankie

Beast played Mr. Arrow in Treasure Planet (Davidchannel)

Beast first appeared as Tarzan mistook him for the captain, who appeared to be Jane.Later,he complimented by Jane. The crew member he was most suspicious of is Mouse King, his suspicions were correct as Mouse King was very evil and murderous. One night a nearby star went supernova and soon began to form into a black hole. The crew ties themselves to ships to prevent them from being sucked away. Meanwhile, while everyone else is focused on saving their own lives, Mouse King sneaks onto the ship's mast and cuts Beast's lifeline causing him to fall into the singularity of the black hole, where he is obliterated by the later explosion. His death is ruled as an accident and no one finds out until Mouse King tells the crew after the event, putting the blame on Hiro.