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A Movie-Spoof of Disney 1991's Beauty and the Beast



1.) Prologue

2.) Belldandy

3.) Belldandy meets Sugou (AKA King Oberon) and Bertram

4.) Muscle Man's Invention

5.) Muscle Man and High Five Ghost gets lost

6.) Muscle Man and High Five Ghost arrives at Earl Sinclair's castle

7.) Sugou proposes to Belldandy/ Belldandy (reprise)

8.) Belldandy arrives at castle

9.) Earl takes Belldandy to her room

10.) Sugou

11.) Belldandy meets Lady, Scamp and Pertida

12.) Dinner Requests

13.) Belldandy meets Dumbo and Simba

14.) Be our Guest

15.) Tour of the Castle/West Wing

16.) Belldandy ran aways/Earl fights the Huggstables

17.) Sugou and Bertram deals with Celestine

18.) Special for Belldandy/Something there

19.) Human Again

20.) Tales as old as Time

21.) Earl letting Belldandy go

22.) Sugou is known as King Oberon/Mob Song

23.) The Castle is under Attack

24.) Earl VS King Oberon: Epic Battle on the Tower

25.) Transformations/Finale

26.) End Credits


Dumbo as Lumiere

Simba as Cogsworth

Lady as Mrs. Potts

Scamp as Chip