Beauty and the Beast is in Max Jackson's style.


  • Principal Celestia/Sunset Shimmer as The Old Peddler/The Enchantress
  • Aslan as The Beast
  • Rainbow Dash (EG) as Belle
  • Mace Windu as The Baker
  • Albus Dumbledore as The Bookseller
  • Lord Shen as Gaston
  • Wolf Boss as LeFou
  • Alexis Rhodes, Aqua (Kingdom Hearts) and May (Pokemon) as The Bimbettes
  • Indiana Jones as Maurice
  • Newt Scamander as Himself (Belles Brother)
  • Elliott (2016) as Phillipe
  • King Louie (LA) and Bandar-Log (LA) as Wolves
  • Rango as Lumiere
  • Red (Angry Birds Movie) as Cogsworth
  • Starlight Glimmer as Mrs Potts
  • JJ (OC) as Chip
  • Blue (Jurassic World) as Sultan The Footstool
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