• Cosmo (from Sonic) as Belle
  • Grudge (from Making Fiends) as The Beast
  • Strong Bad (from Homestar Runner) as Gaston
  • Montana Max (from Tiny Toon Adventures) as Lefou
  • Fidget (from The Great Mouse Detective) as Lumiere
  • Mario (from SML) as Cogsworth
  • Babs Bunny (from Tiny Toon Adventures) as Mrs. Potts
  • Young Thumper (from Bambi) as Chip
  • Olivia Flaversham (from The Great Mouse Detective) as Fifi the Feather Duster
  • Minerva Mink (from Animaniacs) as Wardrobe
  • Chompy (from SML) as Footstool
  • Big Macintosh (from My Little Pony) as The Stove
  • Bugs Bunny (from Tiny Toon Adventures) as Maurice
  • Jack Skellington (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) as Monsieur D' Arque
  • Tails (from Sonic) as Prince Adam
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