Beauty and the Kineticlops is NewEarthHeaven's movie spoof of 1991 film "Beauty and the Beast".


  • Molly (Snoopy) as Belle
  • Kineticlops (War of the Monsters) as The Beast
  • Spike (Snoopy) as Prince Adam
  • Scar (The Lion King) as Gaston
  • Nuka (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride) as Lefou
  • Bob the Tomato (Veggietales) as Lumiere
  • Snoopy (Snoopy) as Human Lumiere
  • Larry the Cucumber (Veggietales) as Cogsworth
  • Garfield as Human Cogsworth
  • Mom Asparagus (Veggietales) as Mrs. Potts
  • Arlene (Garfield) as Human Mrs. Potts
  • Junior Asparagus (Veggietales) as Chip
  • Oliver (Oliver and Company) as Human Chip
  • Madame Blueberry (Veggietales) as Fifi the Feather Duster
  • Belle (Snoopy) as Human Fifi the Feather Duster
  • Barbies (Toy Story 2) as Wardrobe
  • Goddard (Jimmy Neutron) as Sultan the Footstool
  • Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh) as Dog Sultan the Footstool
  • Mr. Nezzer (Veggietales) as Stove
  • Pongo (101 Dalmatians (Animated) as Maurice
  • Manny (Ice Age) as Philippe
  • Donald Duck (Mickey Mouse) as Baker
  • Orbulon (WarioWare) as Bookseller
  • Perla, Mary, and Suzy (Cinderella) as The Bimbettes
  • Pete (Mickey Mouse) as D'Arque
  • Pink Elephants and Fossas (Dumbo and Madagascar) as Wolves
  • Mushu (Mulan) as Grandpa Barbra
  • Scooter (Veggietales) as Hat Stand
  • Esther (Veggietales) as Madame De La Grand Bouches
  • Daffy Duck (Loony Tunes) as Tavern Keeper
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