Anna and Elsa's movie-spoof of "Beauty and the Beast".


  • Belle - Anna (Frozen)
  • The Beast/Prince Adam - Elsa (Frozen) (although Elsa is female) (When Elsa was wearing her Snow Queen outfit, she portrayed the Beast, and when she was wearing her in her Cornation outfit, she portrayed Prince Adam) [DO NOT EDIT THIS PLEASE]
  • Lumiere - Olaf (Frozen)
  • Human Lumiere - Kristoff (Frozen)
  • Cogsworth - Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad)
  • Human Cogsworth - Fix-It Felix Jr. (Wreck-It Ralph)
  • Mrs. Potts - Silky the Fairy (The Magic of Faraway Tree)
  • Chip - Skunk (Skunk Fu!)
  • Fifi - Rarity (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Maurice - Thomas (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends)
  • Gaston - Prince Hans (Frozen)
  • LeFou - King Candy (Wreck-It Ralph)
  • Monsieur D'Arque - The Duke of Weselton (Frozen)
  • The Bimbettes - Pocahontas, Esmeralda and Kida (Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Atlantis the Lost Empire)


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