Belldandy is from Ah My Goddess

She plays Adult Nala in The 1937 Prince King

She is a lioness

She plays Snow White in Belldandy White and the Seven Muppets and Belldandy White and the Seven Animals (Littlewoodenhead214 Style)

She is the fairest of them all

She plays Cinderella in Belldandyerella (Hiatt Grey Style)

She is a princess

She plays Rapunzel in Tangled With Belldandy

She is a barefoot princess with long blonde hair

She plays The Lorax in The Goddess (The Lorax)

She is a troll

She played Princess Jasmine in Keiichiladdin

She is a Arabian Princess

She plays Belle in SpongeSailor Moon: Homer the Unfriendly Ghost and Goddess and the Skunk (AKA Beauty and the Beast)

She is a smart princess

She plays Edward the Blue Engine in Snow White the Blue Princess and Friends

She is a second blue train

She plays Ginormica in Kaijus VS Digimon

She is A Giant Woman

She plays Thomas the Tank Engine in Belldandy the Goddess and Friends

She is the first blue train




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