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Belle, A.K.A. Experiment 248, is an illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba and a character in the Lilo & Stitch franchise. She is designed to scare her victims by emitting a loud, high-pitched shriek. Her one true place is with Nani as her alarm clock.

Befriended from another series

Note: this is only a parody and most likely will never happen in real series

Mac and his partner Bloo. They're both currently a 'ohana to Belle

Outside of Lilo and Stitch series, her current 'ohana and a new friends were Mac and his partner Bloo (from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends). She was found by Mac one day on their school after he thought that it was a ghost roaming on their hallway, as his classmates telling stories about a creepy ghost of a woman, who screams every morning and after schooltime. Mac was curious about it, but he only thinks that it was just a lost "imaginary friend" instead. Upon his investigation, he finally found the source of the loudness of the scream (but good thing he was wearing earphones that day), that it was only from her. He took it to Foster's Home thinking it was really an "imaginary friend", which afterwise, Bloo found out about it, thinking and getting mad at Mac for creating her. However, after many failed attempts made by Bloo of setting her a various traps (when Mac decided to live with Bloo for a while at the Foster's), he got also received too many punishment for Mr. Herriman, and from Mac, too.

Bloo then thinks he should give up for Mac, being his long time friend, and somehow concede defeat with Belle, thinking of her as her new imaginary friends. But before he left the Foster's home, Jumba Jookiba, disguised as a new adaptor of an imaginary friends, appeared at Foster's home. He do recognized Belle, calling her Experiment 248, which Mr. Herriman, Bloo, Frankie, and even Mac, necame shocked of what they heard. Mac and Bloo became confused about it and Mac also told Jumba that he found Belle on their school hallway, thinking by his other classmate as a ghost, while he was thinking of it as an abandoned imaginary friend. Jumba finally explained to them that it wasn't an imaginary friend (like what they would've taught), and it was only a screaming experiment made by him just to scare enemies with her unusual loud scream, he also added that she was a good alarm clock though. After all the clarifications, Mac and Bloo finally made up to each other, and both decided to become its 'ohana instead (that is after Jumba also explained to them that she also looking for her new 'ohana), which Dr. Jumba was convinced. However, since Mac's mom would still not allowing any sort of pets or imaginary friends to their unit, Bloo kept her together with Wilt, Eduardo and Coco since he thought that Belle would be a perfect alarm clock and a server bell for the whole Foster's Home too, which Mr. Herriman and Frankie would agreed to, and also Madame Foster, but first, Mac and Bloo planned a sinister plot to trick someone else.

Terrence, Mac's snooty and a bully big brother, was only reading one of his comics, alone on his dark room, when suddenly, he heard something on their living room, and later their kitchen. Although, thinking it was his (only proclaimed) "stupid" brother, he starts banging the things around their house, but to no succession of finding Mac everywhere, he started to be scared, thinking it was a ghost. He later heard an eerie scream sound like a girl, and finally, HE SHOUTED for help, breaking their door in the process. When the coast is clear, it was revealed that it was all an elaborate scene, trying to prank Terrence with an early halloween scare, which really planned by Mac and Bloo all along, making Belle their accomplice.

She is currently staying at the Fosters Home, with Bloo and all imaginary friends, acted as their alarm sound system, and also, as a Bloo and his friends playmate, but every weekend, she would stay at Mac's home just to prank Terrence and leave Mac alone for his peace of mind, of not bullying him. She also acted as Mac and Bloo's bodyguard and a playmate too.