Belle is a large tank engine with water cannons who is part of the Search and Rescue Team.



Belle is a British Railways Standard Class 4 tank engine with added water cannons, brass bell, and electric headlamps on her bufferbeam and above her face.


Belle is painted royal blue with red and brass fittings. She has the number 6120 painted in gold and a crest consisting of a flame, two dolphins, and a crown painted on her sides. Her wheels are red with blue rims.


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  • Belle's name is French for "pretty", and references the bell on her boiler.
  • Despite being voiced by the same actress in both the UK and US dubs, Teresa Gallagher gives Belle a different accent in the US dub as opposed to the UK dub.


Percy: "I've never seen an engine do that before!"
Thomas: "Yes, one that shoots water from her tanks!"
Belle: "You must be Thomas and Percy. I'm Belle!"
Percy: "You're big, Belle!"
Thomas: "You're brave, Belle!"
Belle: "I just want to be really useful!"

- Belle meets Thomas and Percy, "Day of the Diesels".

Flynn: "Belle, you've already put out the fire. Why didn't you wait for me? I could've helped you!"
Belle: "Fires are emergencies, Flynn. You know that. You can't wait if there's an emergency."
Narrator: But Flynn was disappointed again!
Belle: "Never mind, Flynn. It wasn't a very big fire."
Flynn: "What you mean is you didn't need any help. You did it all by yourself!"

- Flynn gets jealous of Belle, "Too Many Fire Engines", seventeenth season.


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