Ben (Ginga anime) as Aladdin

Cross (Ginga anime) as Princess Jasmine 

Mei (One Stormy Night) as Abu

Gabu (One Stormy Night) as Genie

Sniper (Ginga anime) as Jafar

Hiro (Ginga anime) as The Sultan

Kovu (The Lion King: Simba's Pride) as Magic Carpet

Hyena (Ginga anime) as Iago

Rocket (Ginga anime) as Razoul

Thunder, Lecter, and Blue (Ginga anime) as Palace Guards

Houndoom (Pokemon anime) as Rajah

Smith (Ginga anime) as The Peddler

Goigoi (The Lion Guard) as Gazeem

Janja (The Lion Guard) as Prince Achmed

The Cave of Wonders as itself

Steele (Balto) as Farouk

Toothless (How to Train your Dragon) as Elephant Abu

Akakabuto (Ginga anime) as Snake Jafar

Black Wolf (The Flight Before Christmas) as Genie Jafar

Houndour (Pokemon anime) as Kitten Rajah

Young Chirin (Ringing Bell) as Toy Abu

More cast coming soon...

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